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reddish-brown wood and lumber from heartwood of the sweet gum tree used to make furniture

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Louisiana Economic Development, Hazelwood executives and St.
But with every ounce of energy, he's determined not to let Lady Hazelwood and Spencer sell the manor to those pesky Americans.
About nine years ago, while they were in England, they all placed a AU $100 bet that the then 15-year-old Josh Hazelwood would represent the baggy greens at the Test Match level.
Given the seriousness of this matter, the board has been in regular contact with the Board of Governors of Hazelwood Integrated College to reinforce their need to comply with regulations.
They reacted to Hazelwood in a way that stunned supporters of the student press, dismissing the case by simplistically equating public school officials and newspaper publishers.
IN THEIR LATEST BOOKS, Mark Wyman and Art Hazelwood offer lucid portrayals of the most marginalized characters in the history of the American West and, in the wake of the Great Recession, provide valuable historical perspectives of the contemporary migrant worker and the homeless American.
Hazelwood pulls up to the curb of Trinity Lutheran Church aboard his Suzuki 1000 to kick off the formal pomp and circumstance.
When Lindsey bought the property from Hazelwood in 2008 for $90,000, his title insurance company, First National Title Co.
Vikki Hazelwood at Stevens Institute of Technology, science is not always about lab coats and microscopes.
In a 30-page climate change white paper the Victorian government said it would seek the staged closure of Hazelwood Power Station in the Latrobe Valley.
school students in Hazelwood should not apply to university students.
ENTERTAINER David Evans paid pounds 110,000 for a holiday lodge at Hazelwood Park, Dawlish Warren, Devon, and sub-lets it for around 26 weeks every year.
Blaise Hazelwood is president of Grassroots Targeting and co-owner of the online political consulting firm iWeb Strategies.
3) Captain Joseph Hazelwood was in command of the supertanker.