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any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Corylus bearing edible nuts enclosed in a leafy husk

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Angela Hoffman, an associate professor of chemistry and physics at the University of Portland in Oregon--a state where hazelnut trees are grown in orchards--says certain varieties of the hazelnut tree produce as much as one-tenth of the paclitaxel found in the Pacific yew tree.
So when Kirkroyds was presented with a hazelnut tree staff were rightly concerned.
But people born under the Hazelnut Tree are known to possess a sense of fairness, honesty and are tolerant partners with a precise sense of judgement.
The association estimates that hazelnut trees are planted on about 75,000 acres in Oregon, and trees on about 45,000 of those acres are producing nuts.
Yetkin also stressed that hazelnut trees in particular, which suffered from harsh weather conditions last year, couldn't repair themselves and the expected fall in the price of hazelnuts as a result of the harvest season will be limited this year.
Driving on through the steep, rolling hills, down roads lined with olive and hazelnut trees, we arrived in the village of Taurasi for a lunch rich in local produce.
Local farmers will now be able to plant commercially viable hazelnut trees to supply Ferrero Rocher with nuts.
This beautifully renovated villa has been in the owner's family for three generations and sits in landscaped gardens where artichokes once grew among hazelnut trees.
Planted in 1998 by residents in the village - which can trace its roots back to at least Roman times - this small orchard with its mix of apple, plum, pear and hazelnut trees and soft fruit is a tranquil oasis just yards from what is a busy main road.
A black Labrador, Bella, shows us how it's done, scouting the soil underneath oak and hazelnut trees for treasure.
50 Kempton The black truffle, or black Perigord truffle, is named after the Perigord region in France and grows with oak and hazelnut trees.
I have three hazelnut trees and the hazelnuts are already being opened by the squirrels.
The whole green area of the brooks that was full of adult hazelnut trees is now dried up.
So far, Johnson says, Eastern Filbert Blight has taken out about 1,000 acres of hazelnut trees, leaving 28,400 acres in Oregon.
We wanted to plant hazelnut trees along the exposed side to screen the site, but we were prevented because of the enforcement notice,' he said.