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Synonyms for hazel

Australian tree grown especially for ornament and its fine-grained wood and bearing edible nuts

the fine-grained wood of a hazelnut tree (genus Corylus) and the hazel tree (Australian genus Pomaderris)

any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Corylus bearing edible nuts enclosed in a leafy husk

a shade of brown that is yellowish or reddish

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of a light brown or yellowish brown color

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References in classic literature ?
One autumn when the Hazel-nut child was twenty years old he said to his parents: 'Farewell, my dear father and mother.
In the evening the Hazel-nut child crept on to the roof, where some storks had built their nest.
The Hazel-nut child flew through the air on the stork's back, and when he wanted to rest he bound his silk cord on to the joint of the bird's other wing, so that it could not fly any farther.
So the Hazel-nut child and his parents lived in happiness and prosperity after this till they died.
MoooooPuccino comes in Italian Vanilla, Hazel-Nut, Irish Creamed, French Vanilla, and De-Calf-einated, each with a properly improper remark on the side--but don't let sensitivity deter you from trying these delicious drinks.
Vast over hanging trees look down on the scene where tiny streams flow through fine hazel-nut plantations.
Many will know of her through her vision of creation held in God's hand like a tiny hazel-nut which seems too insignificant to go on existing, but does so because God loves it.
Since then, it has destroyed most commercial orchards there and has spread to about 6 percent of Oregon's hazel-nut orchards.