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Synonyms for hazardousness

the state of being dangerous


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Name Text Yes No Type Text Yes Yes Subtype Text Yes Yes Primary purpose Text No No Age Text No No Condition Text No Yes Hazardousness for Text No Yes the environment Hazardousness for Text No Yes the visitors General information Text No No Photo File No No Video File No No
One factor to consider is the level of hazardousness a manufactured product poses to the public after it is placed into the stream of commerce.
The substantial difference is the degree of hazardousness for the public.
In addition, the DMRN map also provided a general overview of the potential hazardousness of the Chama river basin, especially of those hazards that are related to sediments dynamics e.
He added that whilst his work had gained some notoriety among Section members for its hazardousness, hydrogen gas was no more dangerous than other widely-used flammable gases, and only became explosive if allowed to mix with oxygen.
2007; Abramowicz, Kowalski 2007), ferro-concrete (Zavalis, Sneideris 2010; Bednarek, Ogrodnik 2007), steel (Bednarek, Kamocka 2006), the application of the zone model for investigating the combustion of different flammable materials (Galaj 2007), the combustion of polymeric materials (Konecki, Polka 2009) as well as the impact of isolating materials on timber strength (Bednarek, Kaliszuk-Wietecka 2007), the combustion of timber treated with fire retardants, the effectiveness of fire retardants (Karpovic 2009b; Polka 2008), the hazardousness of pine timber and cork-oak while fuming (Karpovic, Sukys 2009), the variability of charring along wooden wall studs (Just, Tera 2010) and reaction-to-fire of nine different wood species having different density and thickness (Harada 2001).
Hazardousness of the waste materials used as well as that of the residues originated by the developed composites was evaluated, too, to compare with both Portuguese [14] and European Union [15] legislations.
being helped to alert residents to the hazardousness of these devices.
According to hazardousness to live organisms heavy metals are distributed as follows: Hg, As, Cu, Cd, Zn, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ti, Pb, while their carcinogenic and mutagenic effect depends on their concentrations and can manifest itself only after some time but not right away (Cetkauskaite 1999).
Therefore, the consignment note must precisely indicate the exact name while the upper part of the invoice must indicate the hazardousness of the material (for example, Flammable Gas).
As the hazardousness of wild animals is not less than that of domestic animals or wild animals that are in somebody's custody, Paragraph 1 of Article 6.
The state must also evaluate these chemicals, identify possible alternatives, and determine how to limit exposure or minimize their hazardousness.
There are too many examples of environmental hazards that have been allowed to be produced and used long after there was evidence of their hazardousness.
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