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Synonyms for hazardousness

the state of being dangerous


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The potential environmental hazardousness and possibilities of semi-coke reusability depends on the content of its organic component and on the composition of mineral matter.
The given scheme demonstrates that in order to minimize the environmental hazardousness of the ash fields the amount of water added to the system of ash fields is to be decreased.
Why would someone think that this is what matters, rather than the hazardousness itself?
Human activities are partially responsible for the hazardousness of flood-prone areas.
3) One drawback to the moral hazard research, however, has been an inability to distinguish between injury and claims rates, so that one cannot tell whether claims increased because of some underlying shift in work hazardousness or because employees were taking advantage of more generous benefits.
The standard creates a two-part chain of disclosure: First, chemical manufacturers and importers must evaluate the hazardousness of the substances they produce or import and disclose such information to employers who purchase their products; and second, employers must make this information available to all of their workers who handle hazardous substances.
is that a consumer's responsiveness to warnings is strongly affected by perceived hazardousness.
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