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Synonyms for hazard

Synonyms for hazard

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

a possibility of danger or harm

to expose to possible loss or damage

to run the risk of

to have the courage to put forward, as an idea, especially when rebuff or criticism is likely

Synonyms for hazard

an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another

put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

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ECRI Institute is hosting a Top 10 Hazards Media Event, on December 3, at ECRI Institute's research campus in Plymouth Meeting, PA.
Over the last decade, improvements in the availability of detailed geospatial data and the ability to accurately assign that data to a specific point containing a latitude and longitude have made tying hazard risk to individual properties a reality.
While these requirements demonstrate at least partial compliance with the PPE standard, a written PPE procedure is not a substitute for a hazard assessment, which must be performed.
You drop the ball outside the water hazard within two club-lengths of (i) the point where the original ball entered the hazard or (ii) a point on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.
Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it.
The concept of moral hazard has been used by economists to analyze a "wide variety of public policy scenarios, from unemployment insurance, corporate bailouts, to natural resource policy" (Hale, 2009, p.
With this approach, of course, some significant hazards remain unidentified.
It replaces the 2002 program in which plastics processing (SIC 3089) was among 10 industries targeted for workplace inspections regarding amputation hazards.
As a result of the amendment, Local Law 1 now requires building owners to reduce lead hazards in units in multiple dwellings in which a child under six years resides.
The site-specific program and job hazard analysis forms are in the form of templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the individual demolition professional, according to the association.
A potential dust explosion hazard is said to exist wherever combustible dusts accumulate, are handled or are processed.
A Superior Court judge has granted a preliminary injunction reining in the activities of the notorious Hazard Grande, a gang authorities say has terrorized the city's east side with drug sales, robberies, murders and other crimes dating to the 1940s.
One way to deal with this is to perform a hazard analysis of the equipment and identify everything that needs to be locked out.