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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos


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Hair colour guru Rita Hazan, is known for setting beauty trends and reinventing celebrities with her vibrant colour work.
Growing up, Hazan ate very well - all kinds of soups, risottos, meats, fish and lots of pasta - he says.
Crystal Symphony's November 10 and 22 "Wine & Food Experiences of Discovery" cruises from New York to Miami and Miami to the Amazon, respectively, and feature cooking demos and specially-created menus from guest chefs Azmin Ghahreman, Giuliano and Lael Hazan, and Andre Rochat along with wine tasting with renowned sommeliers David Glancy and Kris Margerum, respectively.
said CEO and Chairman of The Board Alex Hazan from his office in Los Angeles.
Joliffe will preside at the event, which will also be attended by St Dunstan's president Ray Hazan.
FOR 20 YEARS CINDY HAZAN HAS BEEN STUDYING the factors that foster the development of attachment bonds.
Ray Hazan, 58, gave a presentation at President Kennedy School and Community College, in Rookery Lane, about the experience that dramatically changed his life.
The issue in Hazan involves ADA's Title II, which guarantees disabled persons equal access to and equal treatment by entities providing public services, including hospitals.
William Hazan, a shoe salesman, told Israel Radio that he and his wife dived under a table when bullets began flying.
Then in 1959 came the very attractive and useful French Hazan Dictionary, with lovely color illustrations.
Reuven Hazan from Hebrew University, an expert on Israel's political system, says Barak's problems will probably slow the peace process because he will have to concentrate on holding his coalition together.
A year ago or so, my interest in David Hockney was rekindled after seeing A Bigger Splash, a documentary made by Jack Hazan in the early '70s about Hockney (his work, his friends) and certainly one of the best films ever on a contemporary artist.
Watford then extended their advantage five minutes after halime when substitute Alon Hazan struck the ball low into the net.
There seems to be little room for doubt that the same mechanism that evolved to tie infants to their caregivers was exploited by natural selection for keeping adult partners together," write psychologists Debra Zeifman and Cindy Hazan, both of Cornell University, in a chapter of Evolutionary Social Psychology (1997, Mahwah, N.
The ability to acquire such a famous name in the financial industry is incredible," said Hazan.