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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos


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Flanked by Israeli police and camera crews, Hazan boarded a bus carrying the families of the prisoners from the Gaza Strip who were about to enter Nafha Prison in Southern occupied territories.
AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4oeIsrael is further under an obligation not to condone statem made by MK Hazan to the effect that he plans to prevent further prison visits by Palestinian families.
Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported that al-Saoud's challenge was in response to provocative tweets from Hazan directed towards Jordan after the killing of two Jordanians at Israel's Amman embassy last week.
Over the years, we wrote about the Hazans a number of times, and Victor and Marcella even invited my boyfriend George and me to dinner.
Hazan attributes his continued resilience and love for the medical profession to his yearly volunteer trips.
The Shin Bet with police and the Israeli army opened a situation room and began searching for Hazan.
Hazan said the blast had the hallmarks of a gas explosion but said only a thorough investigation would determine the exact cause.
Orly Hazan, senior director, has been given the exclusive assignment to sell 281 Grand Street, a 5-story mixed use building located in Lower East Side/Chinatown.
Officials say Jeffrey Johnson, 58, had been laid off from Hazan Imports a year ago and that while working there, had been locked in a dispute with the victim, Steven Ercolino.
Watford made it 6-6 via Alon Hazan and next came Chris Holland.
But at least Katy's back to work and her hair colourist Rita Hazan said: "She's wanted to go this colour for weeks.
Inland Mortgage Capital filed to foreclose on the property in 2009 after Shavolian and Jack Hazan defaulted on $27.
1,000 of the paper's best dishes are culled for this collection which includes dishes from such famous chefs as Maida Heatter, Marcella Hazan, Julia Child, and more.
Nam will focus on Life Science Tools companies which will complement the firm's existing Medical Devices and Diagnostics practice, led by Amit Hazan.
People like him so much he sometimes earns more in tips than he does from wages," said Quality Control Supervisor Hazan Haneef.