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a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

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The festival's star-packed programme kicks off 4pm on Thursday with a set by Fairport's acoustic line-up followed by acclaimed young fiddle and guitar duo Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, rising star singer and guitarist Blair Dunlop, the reunited and celebrated folk-rock band Home Service, Appalachian "rockgrass hellraisiers" Hayseed Dixie and a closing set by Birmingham's reggae superstars UB40.
Not Hayseed Dixie though, they love a bit of banjo.
Hayseed Dixie specialise in doing tongue-in-cheek bluegrass versions of heavy metal songs.
Their appeal spans the universe of conservatives, from bluebloods in the Hamptons to hayseeds in the Ozarks.
The targeted acquisition had been a major pursuit of past President Hayseed Stephens, and was the last significant effort he made in Israel just before returning to the U.
Hayseed Stephens, the company's CEO is currently in Israel conducting negotiations with equipment owners and vendors.
This didn't make them hayseed traditionalists out of place in the modern world, as some liberal critics have insisted.
From there, Beebo is off and running, making a smooth transition from hayseed to quintessential butch--the gal who lights a cigarette then holds the lit match out to whatever woman is sitting next to her and says, "Blow.
At toxic levels, fenugreek, also known as Greek hayseed, can induce labor and hypoglycemia.
The image of Frost as hayseed, hick-town sage was by and large one of the poet's own great creations.
To them Frank Lloyd Wright was the Wisconsin hayseed who hit the spot a couple of times -- the Prairie Houses of the 1890-1900s and the Usonian Houses 40 years later but otherwise, from the Hollyhock House to the Marin County Civic Center, reflected America's addiction to corny sentimentality and fantasy kitsch.
Once considered music made by and for "hillbillies," country music has shad its hayseed image in the last decade, earning the devotion of a younger, better-educated, more-affluent audience and, at the same time, earning millions of dollars for Nashville companies.
Artists in the catalog include 4ft Fingers, Ben Lee, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Echo & the Bunnymen, Emperor, Fats Domino, Gary Numan, Hanson, Hayseed Dixie, Incantation, Janis Ian, John Coltrane, Kid Carpet, Killing Joke, Linus Loves, Lush Life, Mark Morrison, Mylo, Opeth, Quireboys, Robots In Disguise, Ryan Adams, Tom Jones, Violent Femmes, Wedding Present, and Wilson Pickett.
Early returns are good for Qubowl, the Quiz Bowl training startup helped by John James' Hayseed Ventures.
HAYSEED Dixie head for Arc, |Stockton on January 29 with their blend of hard rock and cotton pickin' bluegrass - prepare for a heck of a hoe down.