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Synonyms for hayrack

a rack that holds hay for feeding livestock

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a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry


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It didn't take long before the cows gave up, and I had to load them on the hayrack, until finally the horses played out.
FOR A HAYRACK, construction is similar to that of a half basket, but you'll need to place cardboard or coco-fiber liner against the back and very bottom of the hayrack (it will not get enough light to support lush growth).
Ground covers create living liners for baskets and hayracks
Who'll give me fifty pounds to start for the hayrack then?
Also keep them from jumping into the hayrack or on hay bales and soiling it.
The program includes a hayrack ride, candlemaking, a homestead tour, woodworking, and school lessons.
Heaped with their loads of fragrant hay And drawn by oxen slow The hayracks on their homeward way Across the meadows go [.
Instead, hayracks stand with the horses under their shelters in the paddocks, and the finest quality feed from around the world provides a carefully planned diet.
Lots of interesting facts emerge like building hayracks in the middle of fields to prevent enemy aircraft landing
51) George Cruikshank at this period executed a caricature on the proposal to enclose Hampstead Heath: where these green fields, about to be destroyed, are attacked by a fusillade of black bricks; hayracks in the meadows are destroyed, while terrified sheep and cows flee their beloved green pastures--the trees of the open fields are "mortally wounded.
Many from England, including plant supports, arches, hayracks, baskets, watering cans and much more.
These include the barns, stables, garages, numerous lofts and the picturesque hop kiln with, internally, wr ought iron hayracks, cobbled floors and original partitions.
The first noticeable characteristic of the countryside surrounding the capital is the abundance of wooden hayracks - the kazolec - which are used to hang and dry hay in the wind.
You can stay in gorgeous treehouse cabins or even converted hayracks next to the Savinja river.
The auction include collectibles like Avery scales, Vicon spinners, stone rollers, hayracks and churns.