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Synonyms for hayrack

a rack that holds hay for feeding livestock

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a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry


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It didn't take long before the cows gave up, and I had to load them on the hayrack, until finally the horses played out.
He discovered that the living liners worked instant magic on hanging baskets, freestanding baskets, half baskets, and hayrack planters.
A number of fences were modified before the start of Badminton and on Friday, organisers took out a fence, the Hayrack, due to wet conditions.
The tractor was towing a hay baler and loaded hayrack and was not equipped with a rollover protective structure (ROPS) and seat belt.
Guests can take a horse-drawn hayrack ride through Village West every Friday and Saturday evening before heading back to the lodge for a hot cup of cocoa.
The stacker would lift a bunch of hay and place it in a hayrack on top of a rope sling, then another and another.
Cider--whether hard or soft--conjures up fall images of hayrack rides and woodstoves, and cider making is quite easy once you have the right apple varieties on hand.
Also keep them from jumping into the hayrack or on hay bales and soiling it.
Several animals will constantly chewand tug at your coat while their accomplices busy themselves knocking over the torch that was strategically balanced on top of the hayrack.
When the hayrack is removed the morning of a race, most horses grow edgy, sensing what's coming.
When local church groups wanted to have hayrack rides, Roy used his engines to pull the hayrack.
Leave it too late and you are carried along in a trundling tide of yeomanry, scrap dealers and nosey parkers all jostling for pole position next to the auctioneer and eager to see who bids what on the four leg hayrack with one leg missing and two bent over with old age.
The wagon has a hayrack that I put on when hauling loose hay.
He loaded it on a hayrack without taking the header off.
Using these simple instructions, you can build a 4-foot hayrack with bunk-type feeder for less than $80 with all new material.