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Even better, the trapdoors in the haymows open directly over the feeding bays, right where you need them.
We cut our hay with a classic old mower with a cutter bar, piled it by hand onto the hay wagon, pulled it by horse into one of the big barn doors, and then distributed it into the haymows by means of a special fork running on an iron track overhead in the barn.
2) The access entryway to cellars, attics, haymows, ships, etc.
Jack takes refuge in his skillful playing of the French horn, retreating to the caverns of haymows or orchards.
With space always at a premium, over the years the storing of loose hay in cavernous haymows gradually gave way to compressing the hay into bales.
Some jurors had to sleep in haymows or on dirt floors, others found themselves rooming with attorneys, with the parties in the cases they would hear, or even with the sheriff.
The big log crib haymows, and usually the barn floor as well, were stacked to the rafters with sheaves of grain to await the coming of the thresher around the middle of August.
Haymows were the primary storehouse for grain and loose stacks of prairie hay harvested every year.
Before hay presses were developed, hay was stored loose in barn haymows or in the field, stacked so it would shed water.
At the barn, more hand and back work, as the loads of hay were thrown up into the haymows, pitched and packed into position.