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You unload the hay from wagons for about ten hours straight, up an elevator-type thing that brings it up to the haymow, where you store hay.
Under the pretext of a yen for blowing bubbles --which would have been a better (much better) idea--I shot a week's allowance for this five-cent corncob pipe and headed directly for the haymow to look for ripe seed from the burdock, of the genus Arctium, meaning "arcs when heated.
They stood patiently and silently during the summer haying season, occasionally stamping a huge hoof and flicking flies away with their thick, coarse tails, while my dad loaded the haywagon for the trip back to the big haymow at the top of the barn.
When she reached the elevator platform in front of the haymow, Kate shut off the engine and took a deep breath.
At the turn of the 20th century, lawns -- where they existed -- were the product of sweepings from haymow and were filled with weeds that were difficult, if not impossible, to control.
You could build a haymow for that extra hay storage.
The drying process lasts for at least 15 days in places such as the courtyard, barn or haymow away from any direct sun light.
Once when I went into the haymow of my grandparents' barn, a great white owl took off with a thunder of wings.
No cupola can compete with a farm fan, but when you realize they figured out that you could dry sweet clover in the haymow with a piece of tin on the roof to draw out the heat and moisture, and that it worked for a long time before electricity, you start thinking some of the old ways might have been the best ways.
We cut our hay with a classic old mower with a cutter bar, piled it by hand onto the hay wagon, pulled it by horse into one of the big barn doors, and then distributed it into the haymows by means of a special fork running on an iron track overhead in the barn.