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Yes, some of it was moved around by the person in the stack, and in the winter it was pushed to the openings in the floor of the haymow so it could drop down into the hay manger along one side of the barn, but the investment of labor pales in comparison to lifting and stacking and lifting again and restacking bales.
They stood patiently and silently during the summer haying season, occasionally stamping a huge hoof and flicking flies away with their thick, coarse tails, while my dad loaded the haywagon for the trip back to the big haymow at the top of the barn.
Once when I went into the haymow of my grandparents' barn, a great white owl took off with a thunder of wings.
The drying process lasts for at least 15 days in places such as the courtyard, barn or haymow away from any direct sun light.
I love climbing the ladder up into the haymow, where out three cats sleep; it's such a cozy place.
Eventually, I bought some land because that was cheaper than all the time I was spending in the haymow.
Even though the world was everywhere widening to reveal fresh continents to be discovered and despoiled, heathen souls to be sought out and saved, ordinary life was the richest land so far claimed for any kingdom, because along with common things came their common names, and with the names came common knowledge: mud puddle, haymow, oxen, minnow, lettuce, fart, smirk, seaport, wink.
You could build a haymow for that extra hay storage.
Typically, the builders took advantage of the terrain in siting a barn, enabling the construction of a building with an earthen ramp to the haymow above, and access to the stable beneath from the opposite side of the structure.
It would have been like looking for a needle in a haymow, to search for him in these woods.
Young Henry Sutpen fainted, but Judith, the daughter, watched from the haymow with interest and delight.
At the same time George idealizes the farmer's daughter from the haymow, and is completely unaware that the ladies whose "home" his boarding-house friends take him to for Sunday dinner are whores.
2 percent, three percent and nine, respectively, for field-cured alfalfa hay put up in a haymow.
Under the pretext of a yen for blowing bubbles --which would have been a better (much better) idea--I shot a week's allowance for this five-cent corncob pipe and headed directly for the haymow to look for ripe seed from the burdock, of the genus Arctium, meaning "arcs when heated.
The fork went to a carrier that slid along a track to the haymow, where the load was released.