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a farm machine that treats hay to cause more rapid and even drying

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a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing

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Harry Shepherd-Cross, a director with Haymaker Energy, said he was pleased that planning permission had been secured.
Haymaker has logged more than 1,000 hours a year over the past four years, constantly looking to provide more and better service.
But he missed with a wild right-hand haymaker that left him wide open and McDermott punished him with a volley of short punches.
Priest's son Willem Haymaker, 17, who is 5ft 5in, was the victim of a disturbing new craze called "tanning up".
Then, without hesitation, the sultry broad winds up and delivers another haymaker that collides violently with his nose.
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Haralson, of Saint Jo, Texas, was the grand prize winner in the Haymaker Roundup Sweepstakes and was awarded a new John Deere 567 Round Baler valued at $31,500.
But what permanent Washingtonians understand as automatic ticket-punching can be a haymaker to the work of government, especially when so many staffers keep their time on the Hill short.
We saw no recession during the late 1980s," says Randy Haymaker, "and we expect to add about 900 new houses during the period from 1991 to 1998.
The six national forests in the nation's solar plexus are the arena for a haymaker issue that has the potential to put the popular timber-harvesting method of clearcutting down for the count across the U.
A late call-up it may have been for Campbell, but that was still no excuse for the one-dimensional game plan he brought with him to Liverpool, as he tried to unleash the haymaker at every opportunity.
We jabbed their heads off but when they had an opportunity they landed a haymaker on our chin," admitted coach Lee Radford.
Haymaker Energy wants to place thousands of solar panels over around 45 hectares (approximately 60 football fields) on farm land owned by the Kinmel estate, between the A55 and Kinmel Bay.
In firm command with 39 minutes gone, the Drovers then had No 8 Dean Fitzgerald sent off for landing a haymaker on Cardiff centre Shaun Powell and from that moment, Cardiff took control.
COCKY David Haye's family and friends gambled their savings on him crushing Audley Harrison in the third round - and he didn't let them down The Haymaker bludgeoned his WBA heavyweight challenger in a hail of blows last night to force a technical knockout after 1min 53secs of round three.