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In the end weather, mud, hay bale hurdles and the 5 "humps" don't deter champions.
Spraying hay bale sites isn't really an option, Scholl notes, because the insecticides now used break down after only a few days, necessitating re-application.
The loss to the building and the hay bales inside was estimated to be about $40,000.
Highlights include hay rides, apple cobbler with ice cream, cider and a hay bale maze.
In one case, he said a farmer's daughter was working in a farm building when a hay bale fell from a nearby stack of bales and landed on her.
Consisting of a one furlong sprint and involving three hay bale jumps, the race will kick-start the fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care - the charity partner of The Football League for the 2010-11 season.
Police investigate after a hay bale was set alight at Lepton
They will have to take on a colossal hay bale wall, an army assault course and a roadworks-inspired "Men's Health at Work" zone.
ALL THE FUN OF THE FARM: A youngster gets acquainted with a lamb and others enjoy a hay bale ride,left and below, during Marwood Infant School's visit to a local farm, top
But never before had she had to hurdle a hay bale - let alone four hay bales - en route to the finish line.
He will run 10km across mixed terrain and face 10 obstacles including a hay bale wall, climbing the steps of the Millenium Stadium and an army assault course.
The annual event also hosts the world hay bale throwing contest, the national scythe-cutting competition, a donkey derby, a goat show and ancient cooking demonstrations.
The hay bale competition will be a test of how high competitors can throw a bale.
The fields are also used by dog walkers and families, and we would hate for anyone else to be injured by a burning hay bale hurtling down a big hill.
Last year the athletes took part in a gruelling 18km race tackling over 30 obstacles including steep hay bale constructions, tyremountains, mud and water holes.