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Synonyms for hay

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grass mowed and cured for use as fodder

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convert (plant material) into hay

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References in classic literature ?
I was surprised to witness how coolly the child gathered himself up, and went on with his intention; exchanging saddles and all, and then sitting down on a bundle of hay to overcome the qualm which the violent blow occasioned, before he entered the house.
The oxen had started back from their hay, and were standing with their heads down the street, leaving room for the party to act in.
Throw the hay into the cart,” said Edwards, “or they will suspect how it has been done.
Hay Denver and upon the Misses Walker, we must call upon this Mrs.
Why, no," said the Guide; "a foot or two is about the usual length of our hay.
his leg again, and the Horse-courser a bundle of hay for his
asked me what he should give me for as much hay as he could eat.
There's nothing like eating hay when you're faint,' he remarked to her, as he munched away.
the King went on, holding out his hand to the Messenger for some more hay.
Next morning, when he awoke, Pinocchio looked in the manger for more hay, but it was all gone.
Trail, trail, went her long dress over the sopping grass, and she came back with her hands full of the hay that was cut yesterday--I suppose for rabbits or something, as she kept on smelling it.
On the other hand, I laugh at them for catching hay fever.
yep, I rented two barns in Glen Ellen, an' I ordered fifty tons of hay an' a carload of bran an' barley from the store in Glenwood-- you see, I gotta feed all them fourteen horses, an' shoe 'm, an' everything.
It don't raise enough hay an' feed for its own animals.
But now, strange to say, in the shafts of such a cart he saw a thin little sorrel beast, one of those peasants' nags which he had often seen straining their utmost under a heavy load of wood or hay, especially when the wheels were stuck in the mud or in a rut.