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United States writer of novels and short stories mostly on moral themes (1804-1864)

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Pierce and Hawthorne were close friends since their undergraduate days at Bowdoin College, a friendship that continued until Hawthorne's death in 1864.
He divides Hawthorne's Concord years into three decades: "The Forties: Learning to be Happy"; "The Fifties: We Are Politicians Now"; and "The Sixties: Such a Sad Predicament" In each section, McFarland focuses on a house--either the Manse or the Wayside--where the Hawthornes reside as part of a neighborhood where a host of American mythic writers and thinkers live or visit.
Sophia Hawthorne thought that "the inferior race were designed to serve the superior--But not as slaves
The Hawthornes has been a success from day one, with properties selling even before a brick was laid.
The emphasis is on `honest conversation in order to improve service delivery', says printing company director and PC chairman Richard Hawthorne.
Walter Herbert's Dearest Beloved: The Hawthornes and the Making of the Middle-Class Family signal some of their differences.
We are extremely pleased to welcome Brandy to Hawthorne Executive Search," said the firm's president, Robert Hawthorne.
The registration statement contains a joint proxy statement/prospectus that has been distributed to the stockholders of the Company and Hawthorne in connection with their votes on the matters described above.
Hawthorne specializes in real estate secured loans within the markets it serves, including: permanent loans collateralized by single family residential property, permanent loans secured by multi-family residential and commercial real estate and loans for the construction of multi-family residential, commercial and individual single family residential properties and the acquisition and development of land for the construction of such projects.
Subject to satisfactory completion or waiver of the remaining conditions to closing, CCBI and Hawthorne expect to complete the acquisition on June 4, 2004.
Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies, shareholders of Hawthorne will receive 1.
Hawthorne has funded three other loans for the borrower, a customer since 2001.
OSI), a provider of integrated enabling technologies for community financial institutions, announced its successful completion of a merger of bank system technologies between California-based Hawthorne Savings, F.
Hawthorne Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:HTHR), parent company of Hawthorne Savings, F.