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the hole that an anchor rope passes through

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Behind the windlasses lurks a man-sized sail locker, which also houses the dropdown bow thruster for docking, while the hawse pipes means the anchor chain won't catch on anything.
au, former Test skipper Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Vivian Richards and gun sports reporter Adam Hawse has earned rave reviews for Ten's first venture into Australian cricket, while the popularity of host Mel McLaughlin has helped.
By Rhys, Kieran, Harrison, Jack, Brooke, Jez, Nathan and Owen Year 6 go wild Year 6 pupils are looking forward to their yearly residential visit to Hawse End, in the Lake District.
Jim Hawse, President of Sierra Toyota Scion of Lancaster, loves the Summer Concert Series.
For a man is a man, and a hawse is a brute, And the hawse may be prince of his clan; But he'll bow to the bit and steel-shod boot And own that his boss is the man.
By 1849, he was advertising (56) to call to the attention of shipowners, captains of vessels, engineers and millwrights that he had enlarged and improved his foundry and could execute any work in iron or brass; that he had on hand for sale a wide range of equipment for ships including windlass gear, cast-iron pumps, hawse and deck pipes, bells, winches, chains and blocks; and that he could manufacture weighbridges ('the one at the Haymarket being six years in use, and the only good one ever made in the colony').
Jim Hawse, president of JCH Automotive Properties, which operates Sierra Toyota/Lancaster Mitsubishi, has been working with Lancaster Redevelopment Agency officials on the transaction.
26 March 2000--A 3,000 gross tonnage Singapore flag general cargo vessel, Asean Energy, at anchor off Bintulu reported being boarded via the hawse pipe by three persons armed with long knives.
Trebilock and Robert Hawse, The Regulation of International Trade, 2nd ed (London, 1999), p.
Multi-ply BURs and modifieds offer redundancy against leaks and puncture, while one open single-ply seam can cause hawse for the owner.
However, the same challenges facing high-profile recovery efforts like the gray wolf (Canis lupis) or the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) can also wreak hawse on a program with small, seemingly easy-to-work-with species such as the riparian brush rabbit.
See Hawse, supra note 1, at 102 ("[T]he issue of who gains and who loses within a given society rears its head and cannot be avoided or suppressed by any idea tractable to technocratic management of the trading system.
SUBS: Hamilton, Scullion 6 for Hawse (46), McCabe 6, for McVeigh (81),
Finally, in the 2000 season, my good friend Richard Hawse of Lehew, West Virginia, released an arrow that culminated the legend of the Farrow House Buck.
Substitute Mick Morrell's header struck the post but that was the closest they came before their frustration was complete in injury-time, when Steve Hawse was sent off for a second booking.