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the hole that an anchor rope passes through

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One, an 1866 almanac advertisement, (105) listed the wide range of items manufactured: patent windlasses, deck and mast winches, ship's cabooses, iron pumps, hawse and deck pipes, iron blocks, guns and shot, mill work, steam engines, hydraulic presses, screw presses, crab winches, quartz-crushing machines, stampers and duplicate castings, cast and wrought-iron ornamental railing, plain and fluted columns, pilasters for cottages and sink traps.
of Carr Creek State Park, Kentucky, Shawn Cameron of Granville State Forest, Massachusetts and Beth Hawse of Douthat State Park, Virginia.
Jim Hawse, president of JCH Automotive Properties, which operates Sierra Toyota/Lancaster Mitsubishi, has been working with Lancaster Redevelopment Agency officials on the transaction.
26 March 2000--A 3,000 gross tonnage Singapore flag general cargo vessel, Asean Energy, at anchor off Bintulu reported being boarded via the hawse pipe by three persons armed with long knives.
However, the same challenges facing high-profile recovery efforts like the gray wolf (Canis lupis) or the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) can also wreak hawse on a program with small, seemingly easy-to-work-with species such as the riparian brush rabbit.
See Hawse, supra note 1, at 102 ("[T]he issue of who gains and who loses within a given society rears its head and cannot be avoided or suppressed by any idea tractable to technocratic management of the trading system.
SUBS: Hamilton, Scullion 6 for Hawse (46), McCabe 6, for McVeigh (81),
A 34-year-old man and a woman, 29, both from Newport, are being held in police custody following the discovery of Dorian Foxwell's body in Hawse Lane, in the St Brides area last month.
Finally, in the 2000 season, my good friend Richard Hawse of Lehew, West Virginia, released an arrow that culminated the legend of the Farrow House Buck.
Substitute Mick Morrell's header struck the post but that was the closest they came before their frustration was complete in injury-time, when Steve Hawse was sent off for a second booking.
To add insult to injury, the home side had Steve Hawse sent off for a second bookable offence on the stroke of full-time.
The anchor chain stampeded down the hawse pipe with a clatter and banging and the vessel shuddering brought up.
Since 1953, when people first began summitting Everest, there's been a slightly different ethic and style in high-altitude mountaineering," says Angela Hawse, a member of the Everest Challenge Expedition.
Meanwhile three of his companions, Angela Hawse, Gareth Richards, and Tommy Heinrich, stood on Everest's south summit, about 274 m (1,228 ft) short of the ultimate prize.
Angela Hawse, a member of the crew welcoming him back at his base camp today, said: "If you set your mind to it and take one step at a time, you can accomplish anything.