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There are no studies that examine the internesting or post-nesting movements of hawksbills along Florida's beaches, although hawksbills from Florida have been recaptured in the Bahamas and Texas (Meylan and Redlow, 2006).
Sharjah: -As a part of International World Oceans Day celebrations, a group of rehabilitated hawksbill sea turtles were returned to their natural habitat after being set free into the sea at the Mangrove Natural Reserve in Khor Kalba.
The race is part of EWS-WWF's Marine Turtle Conservation Project, which aims to spread awareness about Hawksbills, and has seen the creatures tagged with satellite tracking devices.
The Marine Turtle Conservation Project has now tagged around 75 Hawksbills with satellite transmitters during the last three years of the project.
This four-week light-hearted race, part of EWS-WWF's Marine Turtle Conservation Project, serves as an interactive platform for the UAE community and beyond to learn about the plight of Hawksbill turtles in the region.
And several major hawksbill nesting populations in the Caribbean are increasing, reflecting three decades or more of sustained conservation efforts and a 1995 ban on the international trade in tortoise shell.
Now, with the help of WWF and several other non-profit organizations, the Cuban government is trying to help the hawksbill and other turtle species make a comeback from the "critically endangered" list.
These projects could spell disaster for nesting hawksbills and their hatchlings, warn environmentalists.
A Hawksbill turtle, picture courtesy of the Marine Conservation Society
Two of the beaches have evidence of more than 100 nesting pits each and appear to be especially important for hawksbills.
Their efforts should be applauded, not slammed by a stockpile sale, which would have likely resulted in increased illegal hunting and trade of hawksbills,'' she said.
The values obtained were compared to testosterone levels of juvenile hawksbills from the Caribbean, in which the sex has been verified by lapar oscopy.
But hawksbills usually are not toxic, she adds, and it is not clear why they occasionally are.
Hawksbills are one of three marine turtle species that nest on beaches in the Dominican Republic.
The 44 juvenile hawksbills were rescued from the shores of the UAE and nursed back to health by the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP), one of the longest standing CSR initiatives in the region and the only project of its kind in the Middle East.