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Two of the studies addressed open questions about the connections between feeding habitats and nesting beaches for the EP hawksbill and the Caribbean green turtle, respectively.
The facility is overseen by marine biologist Warren Baverstock and his team of six who work to rehabilitate injured and sick turtles, mainly hawksbills, green and loggerheads, from around the region.
There is no strong monitoring programme in the country and one of the things that environmentalists must do is invest in research that provides more information on the hawksbills.
Carlos Diez catches a critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle to gather data for its conservation
We are indebted to AMBAS, Arenas del Pacifico, FIAES, FUNDARRECIFE, Fundacion Domenech, FUNDATAMARINDO, FUNZEL, MSM, PROMESA, and VIVAZUL for permission to visit hatcheries; and to Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative, the Universidad de El Salvador, the Museo de Historia Natural de El Salvador, and Florida Atlantic University for financial support.
Bahrain's territorial waters host a range of marine turtles of which three are predominant, the green turtle (Chelonia mydas), the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta).
Under stress due to decades of increased human activity, pollution and natural threats in the Gulf, the hawksbill turtle has been a source of concern for environmentalists who have closely monitored the annual migration of the well-travelled sea creatures.
Abu Dhabi - This year's first batch of hawksbill turtle eggs have hatched and over 80 baby turtles emerged from their nest on Saadiyat Island.
The island also is an important nesting ground for green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles.
Cebu City - The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 7 has ordered a thorough investigation to determine the cause of death of a Hawksbill sea turtle, an endangered specie, found close to the seashore in Barangay Bato, Toledo City.
So far, two nests have hatched, producing 60 healthy Hawksbill turtles between them.
Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the master developer of Sdiyat island, has announced the successful hatching of the first nest this year of critically endangered Hawksbill turtles.
All species of sea turtles in the western Atlantic Ocean occur in Florida's Atlantic waters (Caldwell and Carr, 1957), including loggerhead; green; leatherback, Dermochelys coriacea; hawksbill, Eretmochelys imbricata; and Kemp's ridley, Lepidochelys kempii, turtles.
Hana Al Suwaidi, head of Sharjah's Environment and Protected Areas Authority, said the team, along with the World Wildlife Fund, had found about 385 turtle nests and believes there are three rare breeds of turtle on the island--the hawksbill, loggerheads and green turtles.
At the event, which is hosted by Kris Fade from Virgin Radio, over 100 Hawksbill Turtles will be released by children back into their natural habitat following several months of rehabilitation at Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah.