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any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed

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But hawkmoths have also learned to probe the orange spot of Linaria for access to the reward.
COLIN TWIST enjoyed a visit from a hummingbird hawkmoth to his Rainford garden (see my blog for great pictures of a hummer from Lynda Husband, in Mossley Hill).
To test this theory, the scientists built a robotic hawkmoth that released colored smoke from the front of its wings.
AT MARTIN Mere, Jim Brady had no less than four kingfishers last Sunday, with curlew sandpipers and a hummingbird hawkmoth.
Kay, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, are exploring mechanisms of cell death in the tobacco hawkmoth.
Last week, Steve had clouded yellow butterflies at Leasowe Common, where he saw hummingbird hawkmoth the previous week, with young common lizard near the dips in Harrison Drive.
A striped hawkmoth at the mere last week is a notable Lancastrian record.
Even without the trap running, I was distracted by a fluttering at the back window and pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a lime hawkmoth, one of several dramatic species that take to the wing now.
Hummingbird hawkmoth has now zoomed into our garden for several days running, usually in the early evening, when it seems to find fuchsias and evening primrose blooms most to its liking.
p Peter Button had hummingbird hawkmoth in his New Brighton garden on August 18, and an adult Med gull on the shore there.
Eyed hawkmoth, lesser swallow prominent, hebrew character, riband waves, miller and scores of large yellow underwings were drawn in to the light.
NEILL Hunt managed the enviable task of recording FOUR species of hawkmoth in his Southport garden in a day recently.
John and Gina Kirkham were treated to a hummingbird hawkmoth feeding on flowers in their garden in Meols on Bank Holiday Monday.
Stillwell chose to observe the giant hawkmoth (Manduca sexta).