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Antonyms for hawkishness

any political orientation favoring aggressive policies

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62) Other reports suggest confusion at the apparent Australian hawkishness in relation to China.
After attending his lecture at the Middle East Institute in Washington, a senior IPS journalist told me he was astounded by the extreme hawkishness of Hoodbhoy's views.
Louis, and could move prices lower should he project the same sort of cryptic hawkishness channeled by chairman Ben Bernanke last week.
Her hawkishness on Iran would be welcome and a break from Obama's dovish instincts," said Saudi political analyst Khaled al-Dakhil.
He argues that Kennedy was slowly, and in contradictory manner, turning away from the Cold War hawkishness of his younger years towards peace.
Even the ECB's hawkishness could eventually be reversed.
Their hawkishness shocked me - they ticked off people they needed to talk to and wouldn't be redirected
She is appalled by Hillary's hawkishness, her equivocation on gay marriage, and her three-day delay in rebutting Gen.
In a surprising turn away from his usual hawkishness, Walter scoffs at the Gulf War because it is so transparently motivated by economic interests.
There is little indication of their malignant hawkishness.
Another factor contributing to RFK's hawkishness was his emotional state: he felt angry, as he had at the time of the Bay of Pigs disaster, consumed by a desire for revenge against what he perceived to be the humiliation inflicted upon his brother.
In the hands of a less than subtle director or writer, the audience member's experience is too often that of being lectured to, even pummeled, for his own racism, sexism, hawkishness, or bourgeois values.
He said: "Coupled with strong approvals numbers, which suggest housing market activity will remain strong going into the autumn, plus the hawkishness in the last Inflation Report, these numbers continue to point to interest rates rising again in November.