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Synonyms for hawkish

disposed to warfare or hard-line policies

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Overall, Carney's hawkish statement took most by surprise.
Rajan's policies have been widely lauded for helping to reduce the cur- DOVISH HAWKISH
Despite the weak growth backdrop, the RBI has to stick to its hawkish bias to get inflation under control and through this eventually pave the way for a recovery in economic activity," he said.
Under hawkish authorities, tensions will inevitably rise between Russia, the US and China, while the EU will have deal with serious internal problems.
The tone of the statement maintains a slight hawkish bias as the regulator is still concerned the recent pick-up in headline CPI may fuel broader inflation expectations.
Netanyahu's Likud party may have taken the top spot but it dropped seats compared to the last parliament, and his hawkish position will have to be tempered by including, and making concessions to, other less hawkish parties in his coalition that do not share his agenda on the two big issues - Palestine and Iran.
Diskin's comments deepened the sense of a rift between the hawkish government and security forces over the question of a strike.
Several members of the European bloc voiced opposition to any sanction on Iranian oil, pushing France, the most hawkish EU member, back.
But he appeared give tacit support to more hawkish members of the Nato-led alliance, insisting that the UN resolutions allowed for people to be given "the means to defend the civilian population" under "certain circumstances".
Dollar rises to upper 83 yen after Fed officials' hawkish comments
In Brussels, a hawkish statement from the president of the European Central Bank, hinting at a possible interest rate hike next month, saw the euro surge against the pound and dollar.
The Israeli press opened fire in recent days on hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the back of his government's recent plans to build new settlements in East Jerusalem in defiance of the US and the international community.
Earlier this week, hawkish Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu announced that Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and Bilal Mosque in Bethlehem are added to a list of 150 so-called Jewish heritage sites.
The remarks by the hawkish Nikolai Patrushev were the latest indication that tough talks on a successor to the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty could produce a pact soon.
The hawkish premier will meet Mubarak in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, a week before heading to Washington to meet United States President Barack Obama, who has vowed to vigorously pursue Middle East peacemaking.