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any of various common wildflowers of the genus Leontodon

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Rabbits born at Watership Down included Bigwig, Dandelion, Fiver and Hazel & Hawkbit while Sandleford was home for Ash, Celandine, Nightshade, Pimpernel, Silver & Toadflax.
Upland meadow flowers include wood crane's-bill, lady's mantle, pignut, globe flower, red clover, meadow vetchling, great burnet, ragged robin, melancholy thistle, meadow buttercup, selfheal, ribwort plantain, common knapweed, rough hawkbit, meadow saxifrage, devil's-bit scabious, sneezewort and common sorrel.
The wild flowers that thrive under Tim's management regime include yellow rattle, hawkbit, birds' foot trefoil, knapweed, devils bit scabious, sorrel, salad burnett and whorled caraway - Carmarthenshire's adopted county flower.
Wildflower seeding will include foxglove, red campion, rough hawkbit, common knapweed and dog violet.
At Gwaenothle Farm on the Dolaucothi Estate a series of meadows support a rich mix of grasses with hay rattle and bird's- foot trefoil, ox-eye daisy and rough hawkbit.