hawk owl

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grey-and-white diurnal hawk-like owl of northern parts of the northern hemisphere

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On 18 February 2001 we located a Northern Hawk Owl perched on top of a tree next to a gravel road in the Sax-Zim bog area northwest of Duluth, Minnesota.
We returned to northeastern Minnesota during mid-March 2005 and recorded Northern Hawk Owl prey caching behavior in more detail.
Deaths at the Owl Foundation property during a WNV outbreak (July 26-September 28, 2002) and results of real-time RT-PCR on tissues from dead birds (a) Species At risk Died Tested Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) 20 20 11 Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) 26 26 17 Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) 27 27 23 Boreal Owl (Aegolius funereus) 11 11 11 Northern Saw-whet Owl (Ae.
None of the 10 birds kept indoors died during the outbreak period, despite the fact that 8 of 10 belonged to species that otherwise had very high death rates (four Northern Hawk Owls, three Boreal Owls, and one Northern Saw-whet Owl).
There are two other rare northern owls on the bathroom wall that could show up in our region, too, this winter: the little boreal owl and the northern hawk owl.
The art marquee had the usual temptations: an Ian Lewington painting of a hawk owl really caught my eye but luckily it had already been sold, thus saving me a small fortune and a lot of explaining back home.
Similarly, for the Solomon Hawk Owl del Hoyo et al.
Northern Hawk Owl, at Kirkleatham Owl |Centre Redcar, picture by Steve Hanley, of Redcar
Ten chapters that deal with diet and hunting summarize information on Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus), Northern Hawk Owls (Surnia ulula), Spotted Owls (Strix occidentalis), Great Gray Owls (S.
Will poor rodent populations up north bring us special owls, like great grays, boreals, hawk owls, long-eareds, and saw-whets - or majestic raptors like gyrfalcons and rough-legged hawks.