hawk moth

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any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed

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Hawk moths use wing sensors to assist in flight control too, Daniel's team reported last July in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
Hummingbirds have never been recorded in the wild anywhere in Europe, so you can be sure, if you've seen these fiery red humming wings, that you've spotted the hummingbird hawk moth.
But what they have really seen is the bluish-black hummingbird hawk moth.
Stillwell and Davidowitz chose the giant hawk moth, a species native to Arizona, as a model organism, mostly because this insect species is well-studied, easily bred in the lab and large enough to allow for ease of handling and measuring.
The single Death's Head Hawk Moth is being fed on water and honey.
The 3lb claimer was seen at his strongest to get the John Bridger-trained Starwatch up by a nose from Hawk Moth.
DURING August and part of September the caterpillars of the lime hawk moth will be racing down lime trees throughout Cardiff to find soft earth in which to burrow and become chrysalises for the winter - to emerge as beautiful large moths next spring.
The death's head hawk moth, made famous by the Anthony Hopkins Silence Of The Lambs film, has turned up in RSPB sites in the south-west of England.
Hawk Moth returns to the scene of his debut run for the bet365 Nursery.
Although not very big or robust, en-chanter'nightshade is a food plant for one of our largest caterpillars, that of the elephant hawk moth.
A RARE death's head hawk moth - which featured in Silence of the Lambs - has been captured in south Wales.
There it will remain in a chrysalis until the end of next May when a beautiful pinkish Hawk Moth will emerge to start the cycle all over again.
The hawk moth - which, in its larval or caterpillar form is known as the tomato hornworm - has a long proboscis that is especially well-suited to harvesting the nectar found at the base of Brugmansia's trumpet flowers.
STAFF at a B&B were amazed when a guest asked room service for salad leaves - for his Giant Indian Hawk Moth.
She was referring to Hawk Moth, who held a narrow advantage in the final furlong before being overhauled by the hat-trick-seeing Camberley Two in the dying strides of the 7f handicap.