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an underground banking system based on trust whereby money can be made available internationally without actually moving it or leaving a record of the transaction

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According to FIA spokesman, Rs 550,000, prize bonds worth Rs 1,000,000 receipts and other documents regarding hundi hawala were recovered from Sarfraz Ahmad, an owner of the shop.
Hyderabad [Telangana] [India], Feb 22 ( ANI ): The police on Thursday busted a hawala money transfer racket in Hyderabad and nabbed three persons involved.
According to FIA spokesman, the team recovered Rs 192,000, cheque books, receipts and other documents regarding hundi hawala.
Hundi / Hawala is illegal but mainly popular due to the perceived convenience it offers to the customers.
This is the biggest proof of hawala nexus against Kejriwal," Mishra said.
No clear division exists between the hawala system and the formal financial sector.
Cash transfers via Hawala networks are legal but scrutiny into their use to remit cash has grown in recent years as countries, including Lebanon, tighten their cash transfer regulations.
Another big perk is the presence of many hawala operators in the casinos, who provide patrons with money laundering facilities.
BRUSSELS, Aug 1 (KUNA) -- The EU Saturday added the name of of Abdul Basir Noorzai and his "Haji Basir and Zarjmil Hawala Company" to its blacklist and imposed assets freeze and travel ban for financing the Taliban.
THE Irish Government needs to become formally involved in the case of jailed teenager Ibrahim Hawala in Egypt, his legal team claimed.
Terror groups are reportedly using Hawala transactions to fund their operations in Europe.
by Lalit J Kha on 22 August, 2014 - 10:58 WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): A Pakistan-based Taliban commander, along with four leaders of a Balochistan hawala network, has been designated as global terrorists by the US because of their terrorist activities inside Afghanistan.
The Pakistan-based hawala, Haji Basir and Zarjmil Company (Basir Zarjmil Hawala), and, its owner, Haji Abdul Basir, are being designated for providing financial services or other support to the Taliban.
ORIGINATING in ancient Islamic law, the Hawala system operates through huge numbers of money lenders across the Middle East - and principles of honour through family and religion.
AlBorsa revealed last May that the council of ministers agreed to a reconciliation between the General Authority for Touristic Development and Hawala, a company that operates under the Travco umbrella, to settle a dispute over land contracts of 5 million square metres that the authority had previously repossessed.