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Synonyms for laugh

Synonyms for laugh

to express amusement, mirth, or scorn by smiling and emitting loud, inarticulate sounds

to make fun or make fun of

an act of laughing

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for laugh

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While the Tracy Ringolsbys of the world stew in their juices, Beane and his fellow travelers are having the last laugh.
But you also know Bol will be the one who ends up having the last laugh after this high slap-sticking escapade.
A dozen years later, these and other pioneers of STM are having the last laugh.
Mind you she's having the last laugh - her new album is number one in the download charts.
She is a gorgeous-looking girl and is certainly having the last laugh on the bullies.
But the 'coals to Newcastle' type saga has left Tony having the last laugh as business is booming with a six-month order book.
And the 21-yearolds are definitely having the last laugh after making the list of the richest reality TV stars in the UK.
The Girls Aloud beauty, who had been left humiliated after boss Simon Cowell fired her just a fortnight after filming started on the series, is having the last laugh by pocketing the hefty amount of cash for just 80 seconds of screen time.
SHE'S been called the 'ultimate chav' but Cher Lloyd could be having the last laugh.
You'll be having the last laugh when you're a self-made millionaire.
ONE-time semi-professional football player and brilliant stand-up star John Bishop is having the last laugh.
That is, I fear, where Mr Ferguson, his team and their fans will end up having the last laugh.
But their longest-serving star is having the last laugh as Spencer Fearn's cash and Jim McInally's management restore credibility.
HE might have started out as the class clown but Richard Berry is having the last laugh now.