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Synonyms for number

Synonyms for number

arithmetic calculations

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to come to in number or quantity

Synonyms for number

the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals

a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program

the number is used in calling a particular telephone

one of a series published periodically

a select company of people

Related Words

a clothing measurement

Related Words

the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural)

an item of merchandise offered for sale

add up in number or quantity

give numbers to



put into a group

place a limit on the number of

References in periodicals archive ?
JKCA chairman Aslam Goni conceded that there are three bogus accounts having numbers 0101010100090606, 010126650001097 and 010101010091022.
Giving evidence behind a screen, and only having numbers for names, the officers revealed that Abedin, who they code named 'Pivoting Dancer', had been banking large amounts of cash, and had visited hardware shops.
So, having numbers revised down didn't faze me because I was surprisingly and pleasantly shocked by how strong they were.
Three different quarterbacks all having numbers almost the same, kind of ridiculously close, and it will be interesting to see if that will happen again with John.
and most of them end up having numbers of social network accounts that they wish to share it easily," comments Ahmed Al Zarouni LinkConnects Founder.
But having numbers on one's side is useless when the decision is in the hands of the enemies of peace and humanity as a whole.
In a knowledge-based economy, having numbers that show why fair use matters is critical as legislation is made and trade agreements are negotiated," said Ed Black, CCIA President & CEO.
I am not, and never will, bring in players for the sake of having numbers," he told the Bolton News.
We need to get them to bring numbers in to win ruck ball - to stop them having numbers and overlaps outside.
Especially if we play with three up front again this season, so having numbers in the squad will always push people on.
The World Health Organisation has claimed there is "no justification" for any country having numbers of caesarians above 15 per cent as they are also more dangerous for the patient.
Having numbers might help you survive in the Premier League, but it doesn't get you in the top half of the table.
The key thing in these races is actually having numbers and being strong in a team and having a few options," said Thomas.
There also have been worries over the lack of scoring from the third line (which is the norm for most teams, even some good ones), and lingering doubts about goalie Tuukka Rask despite him having numbers (14-2-3, 1.
It actually started off as a coincidence and then I deliberately began having numbers in the title, just to have a bit of fun with it.