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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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A flash of lightning behind a cloud to the northeast lit the night sky and for an instant, Tom saw the long, sinuous line of poncho-covered, hump-backed men ahead of him, burdened with haversacks, bedrolls, and rifles.
Look around you and look at your kids struggling to school with great big haversacks on their backs.
Look around you and look at your children struggling to school with great big haversacks on their backs.
Twenty years later, with design improvements by Gideon Sundback, the zipper was finally used on gas mask bags and haversacks, and our Yanks of the AEF in France saw their promise.
There's good news coming down the track for UK soldiers as their haversacks will be much lighter due to new cutting edge battery technology.
I told him John was a nice bloke, but discretion being the better part of valour, we picked up our haversacks and walked to work in East Moors Road.
The diorama, the third dimension, connects the visitor viewing platform with the painting using rocks, trees, cannon, strewn haversacks, rifles and swords that blend seamlessly into the scenes of the painting.
On summer weekends, before we all had cars, trails of eager young people in hiking boots and thick woollen socks, under huge misshapen haversacks, plodded on pale legs over the winding road, down to Llanberis lake and onto the fields beneath Snowdon, which would be turned orange and green and white and red by hundreds of triangular tents with a pole at each end and a flap at the front, where breakfast was fried over a small fire.
The tourists all have haversacks so it's like being at a Quasimodo convention.
He said: "I've had to stuff three haversacks full of luggage into our main suitcases including all our valuable items like i-pods and Walkmans but I suppose that's reasonable.
Afterwards the men went on parade in marching order, each man carrying his water bottle, with a light ration in their haversacks.
After that, we were supplied with yellow nylon squares to fasten over our haversacks, so they could spot us from the air.
These substantial differences in physical strength are relevant both where the carrying of haversacks (of perhaps 35 to 40 kilos) is concerned and also in direct physical combat, where for example the use of bayonets may be necessary.
These adventures had forged a bond that was further cemented when it emerged that both boys packed ragged copies of "Les Fleurs du Mal" in their haversacks.