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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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The items to be displayed in the exhibition are CBRN mini UGV, Multipurpose Decontamination System (MPDS), Mobile Decon System (MDS) NBC Individual Protective Equipments (suit, mask, haversack, boot, gloves, casualty bag), First Aid Kits Type A & B, Tri-Colour Detector, Residual Vapour Detection Kit, Water Poison Detection Kit, Chemical agent detectors (IMS based CAM and ACADA, Flame Photometer based, GC-MS based), NBC Canister, ROV-DAKSH, UAV NETRA, Food and Fire Fighting equipment, Water Purification System, Snow equipment like bridge, net, shoes etc.
Yes, they were practical and I did have something similar at senior school - although that was really just a haversack with a big strap with 'Pink Floyd' lovingly painted on.
We see these thousands of men, women and children carrying ALL their belongings in a haversack on their backs.
Our uniform was our best suit, spit-and-polished boots, a belt and sparkling buckle, a crisp white haversack and our trade- mark fore-and-aft cap.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication Of Haversack (Modified)
He had a haversack for her and put the presents in it.
Mrs Jenkins was in Cardiff Central Station and saw a young woman, heavily laden down with a huge haversack, looking a little lost.
I offered her my old haversack which was ripped and torn and falling apart but she was so grateful for it and said she would just sew it up and it would be perfect.
And so on Saturday morning we met up for breakfast in the Bull Ring before Fyfe caught the train to Marylebone, lugging his trusty Washburn guitar and a bulging haversack that would guarantee him nervous looks on the Underground.
A search uncovered a haversack containing "16 individual wraps" of what was later analysed as cocaine, which Mr Garside said had a street value of pounds 2,000.
Another flamboyant visitor on the night was the bloke we call Torchy the Battery Boy, dressed in combats and haversack, who never seems to rest in cheerfully hawking his extensive selection of Duracells around the city's pubs.
He also had a haversack containing property stolen in a burglary the previous day in Rushmere, Marton.
Chief Inspector Conway (Ben Roberts) lost his bottle Chief Superintendent Brownlow (Peter Ellis) lost his haversack and Detective Chief Inspector Meadows (Simon Rouse) lost his temper.
So if you want value, a haversack of options for free and individuality in spades, carve yourself a deal on a nearly-new big Pug.