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Lebrun's concertos provide the most de tailed record of the capacities of the classical hautboy.
Furthermore, Cambert brought with him to London in 1673 a number of young French musicians who were proficient not only on the recorder but also on the French hautboy.
Lasocki, |The French hautboy in England, 1673-1730', Early music, xvi (1988), pp.
to] Funebre / Con Hautboy Sordin e Salmoe / e Viole all'Inglese / Tutti li Violine e Violette Sordini / Non pero'il viol [degrees] Principale, published as Facsimile del concerto funebre di Antonio Vivaldi in Quaderno dell'Accademia Chigiana, xv (Sienna, 1947).
The audience would first of all have perceived certain physical phenomena (the noise of trumpets, hautboys, and drums, for instance) as well as elusive perceptual phenomena conveyed by these physical sounds ("brightness" in the trumpet, for example, or "pointedness" in the hautboys).
A Medieval gallery adorned the western wall, Where viols and flutes and hautboys had played the music all, The choristers protested, they didn't want it gone, But when they came to church one day, they saw the deed was done.
comes with obboys Tropats fifes Hautboys, trumpets, fifes and and drums drums, In dreadful concert joind, Send from afar send from a far A sound of war, and sound of war 75.
These first bands consisted of a small number of musicians who played such instruments as hautboys, horns, bassoons and drums.
The small wind instruments in the herons' throats play an incorrigible music on a scale incommensurate with hautboys and baroque wigs.
there followed trumpets, hautboys and kettle drums, a handsome appearance of gentlemen of the County and after dinner the Strong Man was chosen one of the stewards for the year succeeding'; he was William Joice who used to exhibit himself at fairs.
In 1695 the town recorded various expenses for the waits who, together with the waits of Newark, plus drummers, trumpeters, and hautboys, led a procession to Bargate in Lincoln to celebrate the king's visit.
Long before the days of the early military bands with shawms, serpents, hautboys, and other archaic instruments, troops marched into battle singing.
The pageant texts contain some references to other instruments in the barges; for example, The Royal Oake (1660) featured hautboys and cornetts with drums and trumpets.
Two Trebbles and a Bass, by Gerard de la Port; as also for Flutes and Hautboys 00 04 0
Camus presents a brief introduction to "The Early American Wind Band: Hautboys, Harmonies, and Janissaries," which includes an interesting discussion of early march tempos.