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a root-like attachment in parasitic plants that penetrates and obtains food from the host

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In all parasitic plants, the haustorium is the organ which makes physical and physiological bridge between the parasite and the host plant [28].
This latter parasite also penetrates the host with a long haustorium and shares the undivided stalk cell of the appendage, but differs from L.
However, haustorium initiation by the root macerate was significantly reduced.
brasilense were the most suppressive to haustorium initiation on both sorghum cultivars (Fig 3 and 4).
IAA suppresses haustorium initiation, while cytokinines induce haustorium initiation and shoot development [11].
Germination, radicle elongation, haustorium initiation, attachment and penetration are the earliest developmental stages of Striga.
Cotyledon The first leaf, consisting of haustorium, middle part, and cotyledonary sheath.