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a root-like attachment in parasitic plants that penetrates and obtains food from the host

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The growing dodder haustorium not only exerts force but also releases enzymes that weaken the bean's tissue.
The present study revealed that, the highest concentration of sucrose at 10 g/100 ml was completely inhibited haustorium initiation in response to DMBQ as compared to the water control.
The structure of the babassu embryo has a general pattern that is observed in other palms; peculiarly, it is bulge-shaped with a haustorium with pronounced invaginations (HENDERSON, 2006; PANZA et al.
The Petri dishes, sealed with parafilm and placed in polyethylene bags, were incubated in the dark at 30[degrees]C for an additional 24 h and then examined for haustorium initiation using a binocular stereomicroscope.
This latter parasite also penetrates the host with a long haustorium and shares the undivided stalk cell of the appendage, but differs from L.
However, haustorium initiation by the root macerate was significantly reduced.
Estos resultados son similares a los obtenidos por Karunarate (1989) en el cultivo in vitro de embriones cigoticos de coco, los cuales demostraron que una elevada concentracion de sacarosa estimulo el desarrollo del haustorium y de la iniciacion radicular.
The bound quinone is reduced and reoxidized as part of an electron transport chain that ultimately triggers the transition to the parasitic mode expressed through organogenesis of the haustorium.
The obligate parasites which require a host for maturation; hemi parasites which contain chlorophyll when mature (hence are photosynthetic) and obtain water, with its dissolved nutrients, by connecting to the host xylem via the haustorium, they can be grown to maturity without hosts.
Structure and function of transfer cells in the sporophyte haustorium of Funaria hygrometrica Hedw.
A striga seedling was counted as having a haustorium only if hairlike projections (tubercles) were present on its radicle.
Although visual examination of haustorial connections between parasites and hosts indicates the possibility that a parasite is attacking a particular host, parasitic plants will form haustoria on dead plant material or even pebbles (Piehl 1963), making it unclear whether a particular haustorium is in fact functional.
This experiment was undertaken to investigate the effects of bacterial strains and isolates on in situ germination, haustorium initiation and penetration of intact sorghum roots.