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a root-like attachment in parasitic plants that penetrates and obtains food from the host

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5, 5 and 10 g/100 ml) were evaluated for their effects on Striga haustorial initiation as previously described.
The cleaned roots were microscopically examined to identify and photograph haustorial attachments between C.
The effects of bacterial isolates on haustorial initiation varied from non- significant to significant when compared with the nutrient broth medium.
No septal pores or Woronin bodies were detected between the fungal cells, and no direct or haustorial invasion of the host cells by the fungus were ever observed.
Soon after the first haustorial contacts have been ma de, the radicle dies and all contact with the soil is irrevocably lost (Kuijt 1969).
After that, an haustorial plate is developed from which several filaments penetrate into the cactus tissues (Mauseth et al.
Haustorial attachments of fungal hyphae to algal filaments were also similar to those observed in Porites lutea and P.
Haustorial synergids: An important character in the systematics of Danthonioid grasses (Arundinoideae: Poaceae).
Leaf-like and photosynthetic cotyledons at least in a number of exemplars are considered by Vogel (1980) as homologous with the lowermost stem leaves, and not directly with haustorial or foodstoring cotyledons.
haustorial roots: Parasitic plants may form specialized haustorial roots that form an attachment disc to the host during the first stage of colonization.
The sorghum host participates in the parasitic association with striga at many levels: exuding the stimulant for striga seed germination, providing the haustorial initiation signal, allowing penetration to its vasculature and producing assimilates and possibly other factors in forms usable by the parasite.
In addition, at any one time, these parasites can have numerous, fairly transitory haustorial connections, and thus they are likely to attach to more than one host species simultaneously (Atsatt and Strong 1970, Gibson and Watkinson 1989).
Haustorial frequency of some root parasites in culture.
Data on percentage germination, haustorial initiation and attachment were calculated and subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) [7].
The EAGA, on the other hand, allows observation of haustorial attachment and expression of HR events post-attachment following ethylene treatment, in addition to striga germination.