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a mineral consisting of manganese tetroxide

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Hausmannite occurs as brownish grey grains with strong anisotropy and blood-red internal reflection (James and David 1994).
Most of the spots showed the presence of Hausmannite and Braunite (Figs.
Rarely, the district has also provided good specimens of hausmannite, pyrolusite, pseudomorphs of hausmannite after manganite, and pseudomorphs of pyrolusite after calcite--but it is almost entirely to its wonderful manganite specimens that Ilfeld owes its fame in the world of mineral collecting.
In contrast, if hausmannite is an appropriate model for the (hydrous)oxides of Mn in soils, one might have expected the effects to have been observed, given that the sorption edge is pH 3-4 (Backes et al.
Bementite has been found in cream-white to violet rosettes up to 2 cm, in association with calcite and hausmannite at the Molinello and Gambatesa mines.
Associated minerals are: hausmannite, barite, vanadian adelite and muscovite.
Associated minerals are: hausmannite, calcite, brucite, dolomite, clino-humite, kinoshitalite, copper, barytocalcite, bindheimite and cerussite.
Associated minerals are: rhodochrosite, friedelite, hubnerite, sphalerite, stilpnomelane, albite, barite, hausmannite, tephroite, welinite and an unidentified manganese vanadate.
The matrix of the philolithite-bearing fissures is a calcite-rich Mn oxide ore, dominated by braunite with lesser amounts of hausmannite.
2-cm hausmannite crystal of razor-sharp form, brilliant metallic black color, high luster, and mirror-smooth faces.
The mineral occurs as massive granular aggregates and simple tetragonal tablets in small cracks in Mn-rich skarn consisting principally of fine-grained hausmannite, biotite (manganophyllite), and calcite.
5-cm, rising in jumbles from black massive hausmannite matrix, with occasional 5-mm white crystals which may be calcite, thaumasite, ettringite, or all of these.
Occurrence: In a matrix consisting primarily of braunite, sugilite and hausmannite, cut by pectolite veinlets (0.
Also evident from the N'Chwaning mine were the world-class specimens of hausmannite on garnet, available from Don and Gloria Olson (P.
Coming now to South Africa, we come also to what was by pretty general agreement the single most remarkable what's new of this show: I'm talking about hausmannite from the famous N'Chwaning mine, Kuruman, South Africa.