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Synonyms for housewife

a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income

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Would that all the stuff you buy were that simply and clearly ID'd by the list-making hausfrau for the hapless husband who occasionally brings it home.
The 31-year-old is playing Susan, a blowsy hausfrau with two teenage kids in Cornwall-set, night-time soap Echo Beach.
And while the material deprivation of Berliners may have been limited to the occasional interruption in the sausage supply, the "parasitic" hausfrau surely observed her city's gradual reduction to rubble.
Time is indeed running out for Lolita, a perfectly coy mistress, who will soon grow out of the ephemeral nymphet stage and become a pregnant hausfrau.
But in the battle of suburban hausfrau on the brink, Mary-Louise Parker emerged to take the Globe for best actress in a musical or comedy TV series for Showtime newcomer ``Weeds,'' leaving the four nominated ``Desperate Housewives'' - Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Emmy winner Huffman - in the potting soil.
Not so, the rottweiler is the Bavarian hausfrau now: a place for everything and everything in its place.
Everyone except the foolish Jew with his ridiculous Christian airs and graces and his ersatz German hausfrau of a wife and his daughters, stood in a line waiting for their partners at the Emperor's ball.
Edith Hahn Beer was a brilliant woman who in the course of only a few years was a lawyer, a judge and a slave; a trailblazing feminist and a docile wife to an abusive husband; and a "U-boat"--a Jew hiding in the open in Nazi Germany during the Third Reich, pretending to be a German Christian hausfrau, subject to an immediate death sentence if found out.
Beside her Mrs Blair looks like a heffalump, a plain lolloping, big- hipped heffalump, who no matter how much she spends on designer clothes and anti-toxin scrubs, no matter how many times she has her face peeled or her colon irrigated, will always look like a frumpy hausfrau.
Come, most meticulous hausfrau, Refurbish all there's left to see.
Dear Abby" or Ann Landers letter columns make many a woman happy she is married to her husband, rather than the beast she reads about from a complaining hausfrau.
For his part, Vetter was apparently deeply in love with his obedient hausfrau who pandered to him.