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valuable source of caviar and isinglass

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The company said Dr Hausen has agreed to stay on in his current roles while the board of directors conducts a search for a new CEO as well as to provide a period of time to transition his duties to the new CEO.
zur Hausen H, Gissman L, Steiner W, Dippold W, Dreger I.
We have a lot of people who come through town that never make it to wine country," Hausen said.
Gardasil recommended for girls and young women (2006) zur Hausen wins Nobel Prize (2008) Cervarix recommended for girls and young women (2009)
Harald zur Hausen, who discovered the link between cervical cancer and HPV, said up to 40 per cent of cancers could be linked to viruses.
Virologist Harald zur Hausen believes up to 40% of cancer cases could be virus-linked.
We want to be seen as a category champion - we want to be the destination of choice when people look for truly authentic oriental products," said See Woo commercial manager Les Hausen.
Karin Hausen assesses the "discursive boundary settings" (73) between work and gender, pointing out that the traditional focus on social classes has prevented comparing female and male work.
German medical scientist zur Hausen, retired in 2003, has specialized in both virology and cancer.
The development of this division, Hausen demonstrates, went hand in hand with an increasingly strict separation of a male-dominated public sphere and a private sphere in which women were performing allegedly unproductive work.
Harald zur Hausen, the winner of 2008 Prize for medicine, gave a fascinating insight into how 21% of global cancers, an amazingly high number, are due to infections, both viral and bacterial.
Harald zur Hausen of the German Cancer Research Center linked HPV with cervical cancer.
Bernard Hausen, president and chief executive officer of Cardica, said that Brian Farley brings 30 years of medical device experience and management expertise, which the company believes will be instrumental as it focuses on developing the Cardica Microcutter and continues to implement the revised sales strategy for its cardiac surgery business.
4 million prize with Harald zur Hausen for his discovery of the human papillomaviruses that cause cervical cancer.