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the hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings

the loin and leg of a quadruped

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And in the meanwhile, the she-wolf, the cause of it all, sat down contentedly on her haunches and watched.
And all the while the she-wolf sat on her haunches and smiled.
Their mangers were placed circular in the middle of the room, and divided into several partitions, round which they sat on their haunches, upon bosses of straw.
A great panther sat upon its haunches, looking down upon him.
Last year there were a couple of players - that I won't name - that had comfortably played 80 minutes throughout the season but 10 minutes into the game at Wembley they were on their haunches looking to come off," said the Hull head coach.
The model features a new version of the automaker's design language characterised by thin angular headlights, sculpted bumpers, and pronounced haunches.
The QX Sport Inspiration stands out in its segment with its taut lines, muscular haunches, high visual center of gravity, long bonnet and raked, coupe-like silhouette.
From the four round LED headlamps and large matrix grille, to the distinctive power line and muscular haunches, the Bentley DNA is apparent throughout.
A haunch is the hindquarters of a cow, a term that makes me think of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men feasting on haunches of beef roasted over an open fire after one of their "rob the rich, to give to the poor" escapades (yes, as a child I was a Robin Hood fan with an overactive imagination).
Cal-op Cal-op Iron clad hooves On cobbled byway Heads lowered Haunches straining Drays hauling Landed cargo.
Both arms press to the floor and he lowers his haunches down.
The graceful form of the Mulsanne Convertible Concept is a fusion of sportiness and coach-built elegance, its sculpted lines and muscular haunches conveying a sense of power and movement, a statement from the company said.
Phillips Idowu - the David Beckham of the triple-jump world, if that's not damning him with faint praise - w ill be hopping, skipping, jumping and then wiping industrial sand off his haunches this afternoon.
Fellow player George Camsell is reported to have remarked that "Jackie split the defence for me to score, then sat on his haunches waiting for me to thank him".
It was stocky with big haunches on its back legs, like a small female lion.