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the hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings

the loin and leg of a quadruped

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But unlike Robin Hood's haunch of beef, which was probably tough from all that work in the fields, The Beast is as tender and buttery as wagyu should be.
Marie prepared lobster linguini and pan seared haunch of venison, red currant jus, muttered mash potato and red cabbage for the diners on TV3's celebrity cooking show.
For example, when Michel Roux Jr shows us how to stuff a goose with ducks' hearts and livers, you get the sense that he's slumming it a bit: For his real Christmas dinner as opposed to his pretend TV one, he admits that he usually goes in for a haunch of venison or a bit of wild boar.
of the television, sitdi or jitdi say, Here comes the haunch man
600g diced haunch of venison 150g silver skin onions/shallots 100g pancetta lardons 3 shallots, finely diced 300ml red rioja 20g garlic, crushed 600ml beef stock (cube is fine) 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 tablespoon plain flour 1 bay leaf 20g unsalted butter Splash of sunflower oil Salt and pepper Venison is low in fat and much easier to get hold of than it was a few years ago but buy it from a fishmonger as supermarket packs are usually too small.
16 April-26 June 2010 Haunch of Venison, London Catalogue by Joseph Backstein, Ekaterina Degot and Olga Sviblova ISBN 9781905620487 (hardback), 40 [pounds sterling] (Haunch of Venison, Galerie Volker Diehl, Kira Foundation)
I remember looking at the stag and thinking 'good haunch, would go well with pancetta, a nice jus or red-wine sauce'.
A ripped haunch, roiling and bloody, flashed, and I turned away, yanking the dog behind me, when my young cousin whispered what's this , and groped for a stick to free the leg, and when that didn't work, he knelt in the trashy run, his face close to the scrabbler, fingers plying the greasy, furred gash, the entrails glazed with flies which might have deterred someone else, but he sat, now cross-legged, unwinding the wrecked limb the way the hands that lifted the boy in Wyoming must have worked.
From Tripe and Onions, to Roast Haunch of Venison, Bacon and Cabbage, Smoked Duck with Beetroot and Orange, and more, Best Of Irish Meat Recipes is enthusiastically recommended for preparing sumptuous dinners in the Irish tradition.
Its developers now plan on entering the ship into the highly-coveted Ansari X Prize competition, an international competition to create a reusable aircraft that can launch three passengers into sub-orbital space, return them safely home, then repeat the haunch within two weeks with the same vehicle.
Instead, smaller diameter N-12 pipe is placed in the upper and lower haunch areas of the larger pipe.
Haller Highwater of Atlanta, GA, is poised to haunch the new Hailer Hoch Brau, a private label produced by the Kerlsberg Brewery in Homburg.
Defensive structures are still astonishing in many of their cities, and here they adopted the shape of a linear wall that encircled Lima and its Indian neighbourhoods, a kidney-like figure with the ancient grid near its upper haunch, and an open area with orchards and parks sitting in its lap.
Drop to your knees, put the glove down on the ground between your feet, and haunch your upper body forward.
In aging grasses, knotted with their being, the snail draws near the east bank of the pond, not because that is where the morning sun is, but out of coastal preference, raising a tawny knotted counterwhirl like a lion cub against its mother's haunch, anus of a star.