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In a statement, the company said: "Since the installation of the new Autogate system hauliers need to be registered with us and provide driver and vehicle identification in order to access the port.
Therefore, UK hauliers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their overheads.
Provided they have all the right procedures, records and proof of income and expenditure in place, Birmingham hauliers can protect their legitimate earnings and show the tax inspector the door," added Mr Ahmed.
Proteo's system, known as Haulier Enterprise, will help to reduce the company's fuel bills and drive down costs at the specialist haulier by managing everything from workflow to insurance claims.
These EU rules are being enforced to protect UK hauliers and we hope the message is getting through.
He added hauliers are confident the NRA won't be able to keep up with the thousands of fines it would be issuing to truck drivers every day.
A haulier for 30 years, Mr Edmunds, who has a fleet of seven lorries, said: "I have never seen times as bad as this.
Mr Hain writes: "This unfair competition is really damaging British hauliers like John Pearce Ltd and others in my constituency and they state that feeling is 'boiling up' and that protest like those that happened recently in Spain with hauliers going on strike and jamming the roads is likely to follow in Britain if nothing is done by the Government.
Foreign hauliers are entering the UK with cheaper fuel purchased abroad.
The logistics industry is critical to the UK economy yet the tax system is making British hauliers uncompetitive.
Forth Ports chief executive Charles Hammond also said he saw potential for a further increase with hauliers having to comply with the European Working Time Directive.
Motorists and hauliers in the UK have had to fork out more cash to fill up compared with their European counterparts.
PUNITIVE tolls levied on Austria's trans-Alpine Brenner motorway have been undermined by a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, which has opened the way for hauliers to claim compensation against their effect.
Hauliers, motorists and taxi drivers are just some the groups being encouraged to join the 60-second protest, organised by the People's Fuel Lobby (PFL).
HUNDREDS of hauliers demonstrated against the rising cost of fuel in London yesterday.