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One haulier said lorries were being turned away even if they had correctly registered for the new Autogate system.
Haulier Enterprise's unique feature is its integration with Proteo's vehicle telematics system-FleetMetrik-which allows the real-time vehicle location to be tracked and messages from vehicles to automatically drive workflow in the back office.
PROTEST: Lorry drivers and hauliers demonstrate; GRIDLOCK: Lorries block the A40 Westway in protest at the price of fuel duty
In his letter to the Chancellor Mr Hain also notes that UK hauliers are also at a disadvantage in having to pay road charges when driving abroad, while no such charge is levied on overseas firms.
Led by lorry drivers from Kent, the protest is expected to attract hundreds of hauliers from around the UK.
Brussels will propose reforms next spring to the EU's directive 96/26/EC governing the mutual recognition of road haulage qualifications; the 1962 'first council directive' on common rules for EU goods-carrying road transport; a 1992 (881/92/EEC) regulation on access to EU haulage markets; regulation 3118/93 on non-resident hauliers working in the EU; and regulation 484/2002 on driver attestation.
Today, we live in a society that places no tax on the fuel needed by the airlines to fly people on holiday, yet continues to tax heavily road hauliers who bring us our daily bread
This is a plea to all motorists, hauliers and taxi drivers - whoever is affected by this excessive fuel tax.
Hauliers have no choice but to recover these increases through higher haulage rates.
The Chancellor needs to take decisive action to alleviate the competitive pressure that UK hauliers are under, by reducing diesel duty by 25p per litre down to the EU average.
It was sparked by the Government's decision not to follow France's lead in giving hauliers, farmers and other businesses a fuel rebate.
We're on our way and we want to get out message across," said Sharon Knight who was travelling towards London with her husband Peter, a Kent-based haulier.
One haulier business a week in the UK is going to the wall at the moment.
Now, using Coolload's specialist temperature-controlled haulier database, Fyffes can make their arrangements at the press of a button.
Carmarthenshire haulier Alan Greene says a renewed mood of rebellion is coursing through the ranks of smallscale hauliers over the high cost of fuel they have to pay compared with their continental competitors.