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The press was great, and Earl Percy drove a way through the crowd with so much haughtiness and violence that the Bishop of London cried out at him in wrath.
Matrimony, therefore, having removed all such motives, he grew weary of this condescension, and began to treat the opinions of his wife with that haughtiness and insolence, which none but those who deserve some contempt themselves can bestow, and those only who deserve no contempt can bear.
For this reason there positively came into Alexey Alexandrovitch's face a look of haughtiness and severity whenever anyone inquired after his wife's health.
In order to raise his drooping glance to the speaker's face, the Personage on the hearthrug had gradually tilted his head farther back, which gave him an aspect of extraordinary haughtiness.
When he did approach nigh enough to converse with facility, it was with a singular mixture of haughtiness and of distrust.
When we were at supper he brought the poor fellow in to make acknowledgment, which he would have done with as much mean humility as his offence was with insulting haughtiness and pride, in which he was an instance of a complete baseness of spirit, impious, cruel, and relentless when uppermost and in prosperity, abject and low-spirited when down in affliction.
said Miss Wade, with no less anger, haughtiness, and bitterness; 'but too threadbare to cover what I plainly see in this.
The kind tone of this answer, the sweet voice, the gentle manner, the absence of any accent of haughtiness or displeasure, took the girl completely by surprise, and she burst into tears.
Let him alone, Ma,' Miss Lavvy interposed with haughtiness.
Miss Nupkins possessed all her mamma's haughtiness without the turban, and all her ill-nature without the wig; and whenever the exercise of these two amiable qualities involved mother and daughter in some unpleasant dilemma, as they not infrequently did, they both concurred in laying the blame on the shoulders of Mr.
Leave me to myself, if you please," she said, with impetuous haughtiness, "and for the future avoid me.
I am not particularly interested in anyone's opinion," Svidrigailov answered, dryly and even with a shade of haughtiness, "and therefore why not be vulgar at times when vulgarity is such a convenient cloak for our climate .
Factionalism within the PLO, and the leadership's misplaced haughtiness and arrogant behavior toward the host populations, contributed to the growing weariness with the PLO, transforming its status from a rallying point of the Arab masses to a promulgator of inter-Arab controversy.
The aim here was to aid the recipient so that there would be no display of haughtiness on the part of the donor nor loss of self-respect on the part of the recipient.
It's great to be serious when seriousness is called for, but seriousness does not have to be delivered with pain and haughtiness.