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a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor

References in classic literature ?
So they made a gallant sight as they rode along side by side, and all the people shouted from where they crowded across the space from the gentlefolk; so the Sheriff and his lady came to their place, where men-at-arms, with hauberk and spear, stood about, waiting for them.
As she looked upon her champion she saw a lithe, muscular, brown-haired youth whose clear eyes and perfect figure, unconcealed by either bassinet or hauberk, reflected the clean, athletic life of the trained fighting man.
We have as much to fear from the tonsure as from the hauberk.
The energy and support for Higgins should make the short trip across the city with full honor, where the helmets and hauberks, along with the gauntlets, gorgets and greaves will take their new place in history with the arts and antiquities of the ages.
I can see no more reason for not using the much terser and more vivid ancient style, than for changing the obsolete weapons, helms, shields, hauberks into modern uniforms'.
You would have seen ships being fixed; Nes atachier, nes aancrer, 5 Ships being tied; ships being Nes assechier e nes floter, anchored; Nes cheviller e nes cloer, Ships being dried; ships being Funains estendre, maz drecier, floated; Punz mettre fors e nes chargier, Ships being pegged; ships being nailed; Cords being stretched; masts being fitted; Gangplanks set out; ships being loaded; Helmes, escuz, halbercs porter, 10 Helmets, shields, and hauberks Lances drecier, chevals tirer, carried; Chevaliers e servanz entrer, Lances prepared and horses E l'un ami l'altre apeler.