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a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor

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He said: "Altogether, I'll be carrying between 55lb and 60lb of kit, so when I'm going to our regular training nights on a Thursday, which is about three miles from my home, I'll put my hauberk in a rucksack and run there with it on my back.
27) Oradino bends his bow, and his arrow pier ces Raimondo's hauberk and draws blood, but the guardian angel prevents it from going further: "'l celeste guerrier soffrir non volse / ch'oltra passasse, e forza al colpo tolse" (VII 102) (the heavenly warrior did nor wish to permit that it pass beyond, and took the force from the blow).
If Oradino's arrow pierces Raimondo's hauberk, the angel lets it go no further; if the Christians do not overrun the pagans that day, it is because God has not so decreed it; if the devils gather storm clouds and whirlwinds, the poet adds that they do so only "sendole cio permesso.
Mail shirt, or hauberk, extended to cover arms and legs
She says that the woman receiving the lover into her house must dramatize the potential violence in the situation-the possibility of her husband discovering them and slaying her before the lover's eyes, or the two of them being punctured by helm, hauberk, or spear, and disemboweled in some secret room (Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun 1962, 13815-3829).
29) This seems possible, though by no means certain, since `platez' could have the simple sense `pieces of plate armour' and in this passage may refer to the small pieces of plate that Gawain placed over his mail hauberk to protect his joints and limbs, as catalogued in the first arming-scene in lines 575-85.
The lord of Belleme rose, and theflaring torchlight glinted on his mail hauberk and the long, crimson mantle that set off his good looks.
The ancient seneschal and castle tyranthauled himself forward, stooping in his heavy mail hauberk, mustaches bristling, eyes hot coals.
The energy and support for Higgins should make the short trip across the city with full honor, where the helmets and hauberks, along with the gauntlets, gorgets and greaves will take their new place in history with the arts and antiquities of the ages.
I can see no more reason for not using the much terser and more vivid ancient style, than for changing the obsolete weapons, helms, shields, hauberks into modern uniforms'.
You would have seen ships being fixed; Nes atachier, nes aancrer, 5 Ships being tied; ships being Nes assechier e nes floter, anchored; Nes cheviller e nes cloer, Ships being dried; ships being Funains estendre, maz drecier, floated; Punz mettre fors e nes chargier, Ships being pegged; ships being nailed; Cords being stretched; masts being fitted; Gangplanks set out; ships being loaded; Helmes, escuz, halbercs porter, 10 Helmets, shields, and hauberks Lances drecier, chevals tirer, carried; Chevaliers e servanz entrer, Lances prepared and horses E l'un ami l'altre apeler.
Children follow us through its labyrinth, the Sony on Nazaar's shoulder devouring the mounds of dates, the yellow hauberks of the fruit already browning, crystallising as sugar; past the aubergines the fishmongers showing off the barbels of villainous river fish, the used Pepsi bottles in their sinks of meltwater.