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Synonyms for hatrack

a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats

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If Jeremy Hatrack should unzip his backpack The next time we go on a hike, Would he take out a spider, a balsa-wood glider, Or maybe a folded-up bike?
Hey, Hatrack," Static calls, "let's work this out over coffee, some cappuccino for me .
Inside are cels, memorabilia, story sketches, scripts even official biographies ("After distinguished service in the Armed Forces as a destroyer radar mast and officers' club hatrack, Bullwinkle decided to study acting under the great student of Stanislavsky, Francis the Talking Horse.
His multiple superiorities--at wit, rhyme, insolence and hand-to-hand combat--seem like the product of effort, which is exactly how they should seem: little-boy cockiness adopted to conceal a little-boy sense of inferiority caused by his famous handicap, that damned hatrack, peninsula, writing desk, pair of unfurnished flats, perfumer's sign and gothic porch of a nose.
Recognizing the pressing time constraints of FCs, Allstate is now rolling out an updated version of The Hatrack training program for Financial Consultants, which was introduced in 2000.