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a long sturdy pin used by women to secure a hat to their hair

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He describes how hats and hair grew in size; hatpin fashion and the new advertising industry that created more elaborate hatpins; how women used them as offensive weapons against police officers, other women, or in crimes; the use of hatpins as defensive weapons; their use by women in groups against others, such as harassers, scabs, and the police; accidental uses in deaths; how foreign nations dealt with the problem; and the hysteria, legislation, and legislative attempts made by the patriarchy to deal with the hatpin and the new type of independent, aggressive women.
a hatpin dropped from the first-class deck on their immigrant ship, a fishbone from the family's hard labor in the canneries and his first baseball game ticket.
Take a long pin (ideally an Art Nouveau hatpin from 1900 that was made of a new metal alloy later essential for the production of satellites) and pierce the cylinder at the Redon-Rousseau intersection.
Stimulate, ideally with an acupuncture needle, but a hatpin, ballpoint pen, fingernail, or any sharp object will bring them back.
The feisty right-winger has always been like a hatpin in the flesh of authority.
Sure, I imagine some overworked name-thinker-upper at Darley simply shoved a hatpin into a big roadmap of Britain and got unlucky, but that's pretty unlucky.
It's often mistaken for a hatpin holder on account of the holes
Luther's main concern is that Alice will go after his wife again - a reasonable enough fear after Alice stuck a hatpin in Zoe's ear last week.
You may also prefer to insert the hatpin or knitting needle gently into the center of the aebleskive to check for doneness.
She carried a crescent-shaped bough laced with hatpin pearls and intertwined with family heirlooms.
In other words, make use of the most efficient lighting instruments on the market; push the entertainment lighting industry harder for innovation (especially where LEDs are concerned, for they truly are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with a seemingly limitless lamp life and power consumption that amounts to a hatpin atop Mount Ever-est); and create conservation-minded plans for the use of your theatre's lighting system.
Do you remember how Claudine used to crouch by the fire, turning a hatpin just fast enough to keep the toasting nubbin of chocolate from dripping off?
QUEEN VICTORIA HERSELF WAS ASKED TO CHOOSE a capital for the province of Canada, which at that time consisted of the two colonies of Quebec and Ontario, and there's a story that she simply stuck a hatpin into a map, between Toronto and Montreal.
The Revenge of Hatpin Mary: Women, Professional Wrestling.
39] He made extensive notes on his metal gun-shells fashioned into vases and objects with floral motifs, including a rose bowl, a chrysanthemum vase, a hatpin stand with daisy motif, and a dahlia vase.