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a long sturdy pin used by women to secure a hat to their hair

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Satsuma buttons and hatpins present an interesting collecting field, particularly when space and bank balance are issues.
Walking through the exhibit, the viewer, like the hypothetical hatpin, traces slanted, oblique trajectories through the museum, even as she strikes through the core of the place: The three galleries Donnelly chose were on opposite ends of the museum and on two floors, so to visit the different spaces the viewer passes through, and thus connects, the center of the museum with the weird stuff the artist exhibits on the edges.
It's often mistaken for a hatpin holder on account of the holes
Luther's main concern is that Alice will go after his wife again - a reasonable enough fear after Alice stuck a hatpin in Zoe's ear last week.
She carried a crescent-shaped bough laced with hatpin pearls and intertwined with family heirlooms.
39] He made extensive notes on his metal gun-shells fashioned into vases and objects with floral motifs, including a rose bowl, a chrysanthemum vase, a hatpin stand with daisy motif, and a dahlia vase.
The revenge of Hatpin Mary; women, professional wrestling and fan culture in the 1950s.
Clamping ice cubes firmly to my lobes for anaesthetic, Jenny held me down while Janice went to work with a hatpin.
They were always decorated with hieroglyphics, cabalistic signs, geometric shapes and weird figures, which Max engraved in his own absurd fantastic style using a hatpin I had given him.
Worried that his four daughters - son John hadn't been born yet - would cut their fingers along with pumpkin flesh when creating a jack-o'-lantern, Bardeen fitted a coping saw blade into a short length of dowel to create a safer saw, and gave his girls first a hatpin, and later a big nail, to use to punch-mark their designs.
I can still picture my grandmother trotting up the street with one of my grandfather's caps on her head, secured with a large hatpin, to fetch a jug of ale from the "Marquise" Pub.
As the mounted force rode roughshod over people, Emma thrust her hatpin into Police Commissioner Cahill's horse.
By now off on a completely wrong tangent, I learned from another report, dated December 17, 1908, how a woman lost her sight in one eye after an accident in the rush on the first day of a shop sale, while in April, 1913, the New York Times published a letter from a man who had contracted blood poisoning from a wound inflicted by a hatpin.
the Bee in the Bonnet/posed as an amber jewel/in the hatpin on it.
Slugs drive gardeners to the edge of reason - I know one who goes out at 2amwith a torch and a razor blade and another who swears by a long stickwitha hatpin onthe end of it, for a bit of night time carnage," she said.