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Antonyms for hatless

not wearing a hat


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At a distance of less than thirty yards was my friend, down upon one knee, his head thrown back at a frightful angle, hatless, his long hair in disorder and his whole body in violent movement from side to side, backward and forward.
Her freckles were more numerous and obtrusive than ever; the wind had ruffled her hatless hair into over-brilliant disorder; it had never looked redder than at that moment.
A hatless shouting man tore down through the people congregated on the stairs.
In the end, hatless, disheveled, with streaming nose and one eye closed, Watson won to the sidewalk and into the arms of a policeman.
She was hatless, but heavy braids of burnished hair, the hue of ripe wheat, were twisted about her head like a coronet; her eyes were blue and star-like; her figure, in its plain print gown, was magnificent; and her lips were as crimson as the bunch of blood-red poppies she wore at her belt.
True enough, there he was, tearing down the street, hatless, and gesticulating as he went.
Margaret, hearing the noise, rushed out hatless, and was in time to jump on the footboard.
A powerful-looking man, hatless, and wrapped in a great ulster, moved towards them.
Chopper the chief clerk came rushing hatless after him.
Greeks were everywhere--swarthy men in sea-boots and tam-o'-shanters, hatless women in bright colors, hordes of sturdy children, and all speaking in outlandish voices, crying shrilly and vivaciously with the volubility of the Mediterranean.
Imagine Kikko's surprise when she peeks through a window at the distant figure, arrived at a strange house, showing himself hatless and coatless as.
Despite starring in films like The Bourne Ultimatum and Cinderella Man, as well as writing and directing the multi award-winning Tyrannosaur, Staffordshire-born Paddy isn't the type to let success go to his head - hatless or otherwise.
Another hatless builder repeated the precarious balancing trick while buckets of mortar were lowered at the Vicar Of Dibley star's gothic mansion.
Now another's arm is linked in mine whenever I stroll along the prom - hatless in the sun, but kissed in the moonlight.
Both Queens are represented seated and in full length, framed against the obligatory columns and draperies in the background, their feet are placed on an elevated step and they are both dressed in elaborate clothing but not in formal Royal attire; Queen Charlotte is also shown hatless.