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In an interview with TV3's Midweek the broadcasting legend, who was himself tipped to run for the office, admitted he has always been a Sinn Fein hater.
I suggest Squirrel and Cat Hater gets over it and leaves nature to live its own life.
This one is a sort of dual purpose rag--it's got some elements of your typical 'zinc, but it also serves as a catalogue for Blader Hater skateboards, straight out of San Diego, CA, and Sam Hitz' garage.
If you were a hater before, these half hours could turn you.
This time out Holly has lost Steve, who has married a dog hater who isn't fond of humans either.
The 'Baby' singer said that every time a hater visits his YouTube page, he gets four cents.
First published in 1956, Cop Hater is the first of his legendary 87th Precinct series, which ran until his death earlier this year.
We were unable to get an audience with said new pope and Harry Potter hater, the Widow Ratzinger.
If you're a lover and not a hater of the singer, then you can see her live in concert on New Year's Eve in Beirut this Dec
Holly Dietrich, project manager for the Hater app, said that great things can happen when people band together and hate the negative things in the world, such as cancer and war.
OKAY, Coronation Street builder Charlie Stubbs is a domineering, manipulative woman hater who's turning girlfriend Shelley into a soap's saddest doormat.
Or if you're a hater, there's a misery version too.
Hater, misfit, tradesman, all with a heart of gold.
Sample this: Post Happy New Year , a hater using the handle @ twit_ karo tweeted: " Apni film collection me manipulation karke koi King banta hai kya ?
Washington, June 20 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed that haters spend a lot of time at fewer activities than their non-hater counterparts.