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I here is a right way to deal with complaints from onstage and offstage haters in all of their forms--and the impact of turning a hater into a fan can be huge for your company, as companies like Warby Parker.
This has been both a blessing and a curse to businesses, as they've been forced to confront a new kind of customer--"the onstage hater," as Jay Baer calls the type in his new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.
Or if you're a hater, there's a misery version too.
Hater, misfit, tradesman, all with a heart of gold.
When Hailey finds her sister's journal, "How to be a hater," possibly the Bible of Coolness, she takes on a new persona for her first week at West Hollywood High.
Le ministre de la Communication, Mohamed Said, a appele, jeudi, a Tamanrasset, a hater l'achevement des travaux inherents a la couverture radiophonique et televisuelle dans les regions du sud du pays.
I turned up my beak at this trotting, staring Hater beside me.
YOUR contributor Helen Jackson accused me of being an animal hater.
A Hater was a big success: the show got amazing press from The New York Times, The New Criterion, and lots of other places, and the text is about to be published in a national journal of theatre translation.
Time cools the fire of hate, thus forcing the hater to look inward.
With the wittering styIe of his letter, Smoke Hater shows all the after-effects of having given up smoking.
A hater of poverty, injustice and inequality, to name but three.
I suggest Squirrel and Cat Hater gets over it and leaves nature to live its own life.
Tanay further dissects with clinical expertise the nature of hared itself, demonstrating that the most virulent hatreds are perpetrated against individuals or groups the hater knows nothing about, or believes fantasies about; hatred is not borne of logic or reason, and therefore rationality is no defense against it.
3) In the same way, irrational hate elevates the hater above the hated.