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one who arouses hatred for others

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Limbaugh and other conservatives appear absolutely certain that a black pastor who accuses America of racism, oppression and brutality is a hatemonger.
For years he was the face of radical Islam in the UK, the eye-patch wearing hatemonger famous for holding incendiary prayers on the streets of London and railing against the West.
8 (ANI): Croatian football chiefs are using a sick fascist hatemonger to whip up a vile racist frenzy among fans ahead of the national team's match against England at the Wembley stadium on Wednesday.
I don't know about you, but my patience with this pompous hatemonger that wraps himself in the American flag is about at an end.
Another hatemonger rang in to claim: "Mr Dunseith is on his hobby-horse again to see if he can get somebody to say something bad about Catholics and the Catholic Church.
People say Farrakhan is a hatemonger," said Steward, "but he tells the truth.
When he is bitterly attacked as a maniac, a hatemonger, or a bigot, it raises his ratings through the roof.
It is into this toxic mix - which has seen attacks on police and democratic politicians - that this self-aggrandising and self-enriching hatemonger has waded in.
Corporate censorship: Microsoft declares Jan Strnad a hatemonger for the radical act of trying to sell anti-Bush bumper stickers.
When a cowardly traitorous hatemonger like Jerry Falwell says that ``.
In one, 44 Ways To Support Jihad, the US-born hatemonger had ranted: "Jihad today is obligatory on every capable Muslim.
BILLY Connolly has provoked fury after branding the Reverend Ian Paisley "a warmonger, a hatemonger and a bigot" on American television.
Al Sharpton, an important leader in the community who recently has been demonized in the press as a racist, a demagogue, and a hatemonger.
They are really doing a fine job and have helped boost the image of this hatemonger.