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one who arouses hatred for others

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A lot of people worry these days about the death of civil discourse, and would say that I ought not call the Pope a homicidal liar, nor (to be ecumenical about it) the orthodox rabbinate homicidal liars, nor Trent Lott a disgusting opportunistic hatemonger.
US officials have debated how big a role the Saudi terror kingpin was playing in recent attacks launched by affiliated groups, particularly the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - which is run by hatemonger Anwar-al-Awlaki.
In less than a month, I've read yet another race-baiting rant from hatemonger Jasmyne Cannick as well as James Kirchick's howler of an ode to Republican presidential candidate John McCain ["A President to Be Proud Of" April 8].
That prompted conservative talk-radio king Rush Limbaugh to declare: "Jeremiah Wright is a hatemonger.
While university officials said the high-profile visit showed "America at its best", others lambasted the Iranian leader as an evil hatemonger and madman.
Let's hope French judges have the same tenacity in dealing with this hatemonger.
Some will always view him a sectarian hatemonger who stoked the flames of Troubles for decades.
8 (ANI): Croatian football chiefs are using a sick fascist hatemonger to whip up a vile racist frenzy among fans ahead of the national team's match against England at the Wembley stadium on Wednesday.
I don't know about you, but my patience with this pompous hatemonger that wraps himself in the American flag is about at an end.
When he is bitterly attacked as a maniac, a hatemonger, or a bigot, it raises his ratings through the roof.
For years he was the face of radical Islam in the UK, the eye-patch wearing hatemonger famous for holding incendiary prayers on the streets of London and railing against the West.
According to Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the successes and potential of the Gulf has earned its countries praise and appreciation, but also attracted the attention of the greedy and intensified the hatred of the hatemonger.
Another hatemonger rang in to claim: "Mr Dunseith is on his hobby-horse again to see if he can get somebody to say something bad about Catholics and the Catholic Church.
It is into this toxic mix - which has seen attacks on police and democratic politicians - that this self-aggrandising and self-enriching hatemonger has waded in.