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the quality of being hateful

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Everyone in this group hears and feels His Hatefulness, who speaks through rowdy goons, butcher knives and skinned goats.
Technological disasters like terrorism and suicide bombing are regarded as man- made which occur due to human wickedness hatefulness and bad blood3.
Over the years, I tried to be kind, but when she started taking her hatefulness out on our children, we set up big boundaries.
ignorances, and hence our complicity with the hatefulness of the events
Quindlen notes the hatefulness of the "graphic and impersonal" sex in American Psycho, and finds Bateman's misogynistic attitudes and sexually violent behaviour towards women hateful and nauseating.
And I'm not at all sure that such unbalanced people should serve time in clink for their hatefulness.
With the confidence given by the possession of an East Egg mansion and therefore, enjoying a privileged place in society as well, Tom can defend "family life and family institutions" (Great Gatsby: 137) without even realizing the hypocrisy of his adultery or the hatefulness of his prejudice (Pelzer, 2003: 87):
You may shoot me with your words,/ You may cut me with your eyes,/ You may kill me with your hatefulness,/ But still, like air, I'll rise.
This hatefulness had been partly determined by the very nature of 19th-century American immigration, about which development the average Brit of 1923 knew little and cared less.
In the SQ, used to measure anger, the terms anger and hostility are interchangeable, referring to irritability, annoyance, hatefulness, fury, hot temper, infuriation and rage, belligerence, and resentfulness (Kellner, 1987).
As on 4chan, this can be a source of hatefulness as well as creativity.
But the root of the problems in Sochi lies much deeper than the corrupt practices of Putin's friends or the hatefulness of his law on homosexual propaganda.
For once one could understand this man's hatefulness, as his wife Sieglinde displayed an unusual flirtatiousness and determination as she invited a wayfaring stranger into their home.
Especially when that art speaks of current events like corporations being people, the digital centralization of currency on devices, the hatefulness in immigration reform proposals, redefining social security, the debate on same sex marriage, the difficulty in coming out with family and at work, DOMA, and the continuing, and frankly dangerous, resurgence of white supremacy groups like the KKK that today wear suits more than white hoods.
The Oscar-winning actress, who has shot a fighting sequence with Meryl Streep in their upcoming film 'August: Osage County', added that there's an anonymity that makes people feel safe to participate in hatefulness.