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Hate crimes are instances of ordinary crimes done hatefully or prejudicially, and are ranked at a higher level of wrongdoing, such that enhanced penalties are imposed when the offender has targeted a victim "because of" or "by reason of" race, religion, sexual identity, or gender.
Violent to an extreme, it's also a well constructed character study that engages you with its protagonists even as you find them hatefully unpleasant.
Eventually Haider's party became the second biggest of the three, winning well over 20% of the vote in Austria's most recent national elections and at that point the Conservatives, now in third place, dropped out of their coalition government with the Socialists and formed a coalition with Haider, thereby letting a hatefully racist group assume national power.
She has finished and sealed the letter At last, which he so richly has deserved, With characters venomous and hatefully curved, And nothing could be better.
The groom was Madeleine's brother and as she stared hatefully at Sebastian, she had a look of revenge that said: "I'll alter him.
And you're lying and telling people something that's hatefully untrue.
The play's action then quickly descends into sensational and ever escalating depictions of Nazi hostility: Emil, in sequence and all within the span of ten days, hatefully slashes a portrait of his dissident father, murders the neighbor's dog, chalks racist epithets on sidewalks, fistfights many male classmates, somehow manages to contact a real Nazi spy, steals official-looking documents from Michael's desk, alternately ingratiates himself with and then blackmails various family members, and ultimately attempts the murderous mauling of Pat, the only character who never fully retracts her affections for him.
The two of us play golf with Richard Johnson and Jodie Mogford and it's hatefully competitive, we're all picking on each other.
Drone community reacts hatefully towards Drone Detection System with death threats and profanity.
He rejected hatefully (saying) no, I will not join CPM, I'll do service, I'll perform as a congress member.
The cruelty and viciousness of Cameron and Osborne, trickling hatefully down to Iain Duncan Smith, then down to his subordinates, then down to the managers of the Jobcentres and, finally, down to the frontline staff who probably think themselves lucky to have a job.
We learned how to overhaul a hatefully discriminatory and bureaucratic drug-delivery system so that people with HIV (and people with other illnesses too) could live a little longer.
Although Irene experiences "a small inner disturbance, odious and hatefully familiar" (178), she promptly dismisses her fears of racial disclosure, as white people were so stupid about such things" and "always took her for an Italian, a Spaniard, a Mexican, or a Gypsy" (178).
So while we have changed, elements of the world have remained hatefully static.