hate mail

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mail that expresses the writer's dislike or hatred (usually in offensive language)

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Mr Bentley, 21, from Kings Norton, Birmingham, said: 'My grandmother received some race hate mail through the post about three months ago.
Police have discovered who sent the hate mail but Ricky has refused to press charges.
To Williams, the no-holds-barred creative freedom of Zap was an expression of social dissent as important to him as dodging the Vietnam draft; and indeed, as if to prove the point, the magazine's publisher and various of its distributors were harassed by the FBI, and the artist began to receive hate mail from right-wing types.
IT security administrators can also configure spam prevention sensitivity in five categories: hate mail, get-rich-quick solicitations, messages containing sexual content, bulk mail, or commercial spam.
But she's been getting hate mail and internet abuse and she's terrified she's ruined her career - she's a mess," the source said.
In the aftermath, thousands of American fans burned their Dixie Chicks albums and sent the members - Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire - hate mail and death threats.
We have a big round of hate mail going around now, saying, 'Die Jew, die' - that sort of stuff.
CHELSEA chairman Ken Bates was sent hate mail containing razor blades when he introduced the first black player to the club 20 years ago.
Ash, 43, has been publicly ridiculed and even received hate mail from people appalled by her new look.
Mr Bentley, 21, from Kings Norton, Birmingham, said: 'My grand-mother received some race hate mail through the post about three months ago.
RUMOURS that ex-Coventry City striker Craig Bellamy has been receiving hate mail from fans have been denied by his club, Newcastle United.
I can only imagine the hate mail Tafel will get as a result of his honest and brave perspective.
Mr David Gold, chairman and co-owner of the Blues, revealed he had received hate mail at his Surrey offices from the race-hate group Combat 18.
One student, Catherine Cook, has received hate mail from loquacious bigots who believe that women's studies, along with ethnic studies, make it clear that public education is wasting taxpayer money.
Of course, the hate mail has already started on the manufacturer's contact page.