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Synonyms for hatchway

an entrance equipped with a hatch

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I had paused half way through the hatchway, looking back, still astonished beyond measure at the grotesque ugliness of this black-faced creature.
The red-haired man gave a yawp of exultation and stood staggering, and as it seemed to me in serious danger of either going backwards down the companion hatchway or forwards upon his victim.
Her cargo is not stowed in any sense; it is simply dumped into her through six hatchways, more or less, by twelve winches or so, with clatter and hurry and racket and heat, in a cloud of steam and a mess of coal-dust.
Just as I was beginning to hope that the mate would come out calmer, for I heard him knocking away at something in the hold, and work is good for him, there came up the hatchway a sudden, startled scream, which made my blood run cold, and up on the deck he came as if shot from a gun, a raging madman, with his eyes rolling and his face convulsed with fear.
He followed cautiously, but when he got to bows found no one, and the hatchways were all closed.
D'Artagnan picked up two or three old sails hung on the walls, and meeting nothing to suspect, regained by the hatchway the deck of the vessel.
And now abaft the flaming hatchway there were only we four surviving saloon passengers, the captain, his steward, the Zambesi negro, and the quarter-master at the wheel.
Pacing back and forth the length of the hatchways and savagely chewing the end of a cigar, was the man whose casual glance had rescued me from the sea.
Every once and a while Peleg came hobbling out of his whalebone den, roaring at the men down the hatchways, roaring up to the riggers at the mast-head, and then concluded by roaring back into his wigwam.
For days they suffered the doleful rigors and retchings of sea-sickness, lurking below in their berths in squalid state, or emerging now and then like spectres from the hatchways, in capotes and blankets, with dirty nightcaps, grizzly beard, lantern visage and unhappy eye, shivering about the deck, and ever and anon crawling to the sides of the vessel, and offering up their tributes to the windward, to infinite annoyance of the captain.
Curiosity got the better of Bridget and George and they peeped into the hatchway.
The deck was covered with debris and near the shattered hatchway lay two or three men, men from the engine room evidently who had been thrown up by the force of the explosion.
door or hatchway through it, by which the passengers to be conveyed in it to the shore are admitted.
Outraged to find M'Ling on the companion hatchway of the quarterdeck, the captain spits out an ultimatum to Montgomery: "'If he comes this end of the ship again I'll cut his insides out, I tell you.
The allusive highpoint of the text's illustrations--the funeral scene of Robert Scott, a stoker who died after falling down a hatchway (69)--offers perhaps the most emotionally charged focal substitution for the lost Franklin crews, since it provides a concrete--and conventional--representation of death in the Arctic (Figure 5).