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Synonyms for hatchway

an entrance equipped with a hatch

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The sentries in the hatchways were to observe the prisoners, to prevent them making a noise and also to observe any unusual activity which was to be reported immediately through the guard NCO to the Surgeon Superintendent.
Curiosity got the better of Bridget and George and they peeped into the hatchway.
As standard we provide an emergency stop button on the opposite side of the hatchway to the control stand," he notes.
e reception was a hatchway in the wall with the oce behind.
There is also an access hatchway to the loft and a doubleglazed window.
I was sitting on the bow of the boat and, as it was necessary to take down the stairs to the hatchway near where I was, I was obliged to remain on deck, so I lay down flat on the deck and held onto a small boat turned bottom side down on the deck and held on with one hand and to my hat with the other and succeeded in keeping my place.
From Only PS375 Price includes: Strengthening of the ceiling joists - 100 square foot of T&G flooring - 3 section deluxe loft ladder - upvc hatchway & lighting All work is guaranteed.
I paused at a hatchway to allow a large gentleman to come through first, and the rest of his squad mates followed.
Suddenly there was a muffled roar, an explosion, a cracking of timber and metal and the whole inside of the boat seemed to be coming up through the middle hatchway, debris being thrown as high as 50 or 60ft.
Outraged to find M'Ling on the companion hatchway of the quarterdeck, the captain spits out an ultimatum to Montgomery: "'If he comes this end of the ship again I'll cut his insides out, I tell you.
The allusive highpoint of the text's illustrations--the funeral scene of Robert Scott, a stoker who died after falling down a hatchway (69)--offers perhaps the most emotionally charged focal substitution for the lost Franklin crews, since it provides a concrete--and conventional--representation of death in the Arctic (Figure 5).
The bench rejected the evidence of three seamen relating to the assault, including being pulled down the hatchway while manacled and dragged along the deck, and also refused to allow a passenger to give evidence for the defence; Argus, 16 June 1865, p.
Finding no danger, he took us out of the hatchway,--he walked with us as far as Black Rock Ferry, giving us good advice all the way, how we should conduct ourselves through life in Canada, and we have never departed from his directions,--his counsel was good, and I have kept it.
A man working on the ladder in the hatchway had his face and beard slightly singed.